• Age: 43
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and English

Volunteer experiences

Adam canceled 1 experience at the last minute

Experience in Argentina

Hostel Rosario, Argentina Nov/2018

Administration, Housekeeping, Cleaning, and Reception

Review written by the host

Adam es un gran chico, con un gran corazón. Lo recomendamos totalmente, solo le falta mejorar un poco su español.

Review written by Adam

The hostel is an amazing building and the owner is a funny guy. An intermediate/high level of Spanish is required, as my low-intermediate made life a little difficult at times. The role is a mixed bag, as you'll be on your own and in charge during the shift running the reception with check-ins and outs, cleaning the building, handling deliveries and various duties during the weekend parties. I struggled sleeping due to the constant buzz of the busy hostel life, so my experience wasn't absolutely golden. But I can categorically say that Mauro makes the best asado I've ever eaten.

Experience in Argentina

Non-Profit School Bahía Blanca, Argentina Aug/2018

Teaching Languages

Review written by the host

He was kind and fun! Loved the experience. Totally recommends him!

  • Responsibility
  • Sociability
  • Proactivity
  • Commitment

Review written by Adam

Easily two of the happiest weeks of my trip so far. Sole wants the absolute best for her students, and to do that she allows you to work to your strengths. She gives excellent guidance and preparation with regards the students and their levels, but also the freedom to adapt the classes to your own interests and abilities. As for the students, I loved every single class. Genuinely awesome people... every single one. I learnt so much about Bahia, Argentina and the Argentinean culture. Such a happy experience, which I would recommend to anyone coming to Argentina.

Maria replied

U were so amazing to all of us! We had a great time! 100 % RECOMMENDED!!

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How to become an outstanding Worldpacker

This course is designed to help volunteers prepare for Worldpackers' experiences, including creating a complete traveler profile and sending great applications, sharing feedback with hosts, and other best practices for successful exchanges and your project's growth!

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How the traveler helps the Worldpackers community besides volunteering.


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How I massively improved my Spanish volunteering in Argentina

Roles and responsibilities of a traveling Worldpackers volunteer

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  • Housekeeping
  • Night Shift
  • Photography
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  • Social Media
  • Teaching Languages
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About me as an author

Author, digital nomad, copywriter, virtual assistant and travel blogger - I love telling stories, sharing experiences and helping others achieve their dreams.



A lifelong student of the English language, I also studied Theatre Studies, Classical Civilisation and Musical Engineering.

In recent years I devoted myself to studying SEO, digital marketing and content creation.

Work experience

I've worked in a variety of industries, with the longest stint working in a High School.

I've also been a truck driver, worked in a warehouse, construction, produced photography campaigns for a major camera company, and now I run my own Virtual Assistant business.

Travel experience

I first started travelling nearly 20 years ago and had the opportunity to live in some amazing places around the world.

Nearly 5 years in South America (over multiple visits), spending a few months in the Pacific Islands, hitchhiking around Israel and climbing the highest mountains in The Alps. Those are some of my best memories.

My first travel book (Bag Up! Backpacking around Israel without a plan) was released in late 2018 and became an Amazon #1 Bestseller. I'm currently working on the follow-up.

I've seen a lot, but there's still SO MUCH more to see and experience.