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  • Age: 23
  • Nationality: India
  • Languages: Hindi, Italian, German, and English

Volunteer Experiences

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Veda didn’t show up for 2 experiences

Experience in India

Hostel Jaisalmer, India Sep/2020

Tour Guide, Housekeeping, Administration, and Reception

Ends in Oct/2020

Experience in Germany

Community Bad Belzig, Germany Oct/2019

Night Shift, Cleaning, Administration, and Reception

Review written by the host

Veda is AWESOME!! We are so happy to have him here. He comes with an amazing internal energy, which he shares with everyone around him. We were pleasantly surprised when he not only was great at our normal everyday work, but also got into our more physical projects, like paining and light renovations. You would be lucky to have him come to your place. And lucky for us, he asked to stay a bit longer - of course we said YES! And we are very excited to share his first Christmas with him!

  • Responsibility
  • Sociability
  • Proactivity
  • Commitment

Review written by Veda

One of the best places out there. Maybe the people, or the location or the surroundings, this place has something positive about it and it helped me. First with the location, I felt it a bit far when I first came here but then after seeing that it is located in between beautiful nature, that feeling left. And then I met a lot of amazing people here, be it the team or the guests. All of them played a little part in my learnings here and helped me with small things which made a big impact. I would like to thank the Coconat team for making me feel like a part of your family and community.

Julianne replied

Great to have you Veda!!!! :-D

Experience in Germany

Holistic Center Hoisdorf, Germany Oct/2019

Cleaning, Housekeeping, Reception, and Gardening

Review written by the host

The first two days everything went very well: Good contact, nice work, and mutual cooperation. On the third working day he stayed in bed without informing us. At 2 pm we woke him up. Previously, it was agreed upon that Veda would sit our retreat center while we have a vacation. After this incident, we felt we could not rely on him enough due to the high level of blind trust that was needed for this task. That is why we asked Veda to leave. There might have been more room for communication if he had been a normal volunteer. We had a very good feeling about him - up to the third day.

  • Sociability

Review written by Veda

It was an amazing place and is not meant for everyone which includes me. Due to this I didn't complete my fill experience but Maria was very nice and the house was amazing.

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  • Hindi
  • English
  • Italian
  • German


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  • Administration
  • Child Care
  • Cleaning
  • Content Writer
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Night Shift
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  • Party Promoter
  • Reception
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I studied Electronics and Communication Engineering when I was in India and then moved to Italy to do my Master's but dropped out of college soon. Now I am doing a self-study in Psychology and Literature.

Work Experience

I just have volunteering experiences. Volunteered twice abroad for over 3 months in Thailand and Taiwan as an English teacher. Was working/volunteering with AIESEC for three years. Did work exchanges in Germany and Italy.

Travel Experience

There are a lot of stories I gathered in my travels and a lot more experiences. But the most amazing one would be my first trip. After all, who would forget their first love? My first trip//travel was a solo one when I decided to go to Thailand for a volunteering exchange for six weeks. And then I've traveled to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and other 15 countries as on 01/02/2020