Toms Jurjaks

How to travel and work as a photographer

Turn your passion for traveling into a lifestyle and open new doors professionally through photography. Learn through practice how to work as a photographer and create unique opportunities for yourself!

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Toms Jurjaks

A passionate travel photographer with over 10 years of experience in capturing this world in pictures and videos. Photos taken in more than 40 countries around the globe. Always improving my professional skills and sharing knowledge with others.

What you'll learn on this photography course:

  • Composition of a photo and all camera settings to take photos like a professional
  • The best cameras, lenses and types of equipment to get started as a photographer 
  • How to take professional photos using only your phone
  • Photography editing in Lightroom

  • How to earn money as a photographer

  • My usual process for photographing in a real scenario 

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How this course will help you in your development

4 I discovered useful tools and materials

3 I learned basic concepts

3 I learned new ways to earn money

2 I learned new technical skills

2 I learned advanced concepts

1 It brought me more self-awareness


Leonardo Brazil

Thanks for share!

about 10 hours ago


Naimat Pakistan

It was great and I learned lot of new things about photography from this program.

8 days ago


Gilney Brazil

The course was great and very helpful 🤙🏼

17 days ago


Eric Italy

I found the course very well structured, and the teacher is undoubtedly competent. In a short time, he manages to deal with the main topics of photography. The concepts explained are just the basics of photography but I liked the style in which it was approached.

It also gave me a useful hint that I hadn't thought of before: participating in photo contests... a contest forces me to deal with a particular topic and, therefore, force me to change perspectives, photographing different subjects, testing myself with new visions I'm not used to. Great advice, thanks! :-)

9 days ago

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