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Basic Spanish course for travelers

You can travel to Spanish speaking countries even without speaking any or very little Spanish! Learn essential words, phrases and questions to be able to communicate and travel even more prepared and confidently!

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Jim Fricker II

Spanish and Go

Spanish and Go is designed to inspire you to learn Spanish and travel the world through our videos, podcast, and blog. Our goal is to help you travel to Spanish-speaking countries with confidence. We’ll help you experience the culture, taste the flavors, meet the locals, and appreciate the beauty of each country where Spanish is spoken.

What you'll learn:

  • How much Spanish you really need to know before traveling
  • The groundwork for you to start speaking Spanish
  • Tips on what you can do before and during your trip to perfect your control of the language
  • Differences between Spanish in Spain and Latin America
  • The top 25 most useful Spanish phrases

5 lessons • 1h3min

Of all the languages in the world, why learn Spanish?

  • 9min

Can I travel speaking only a little Spanish?

  • 14min

Learning a good level of Spanish for travel

  • 13min

Differences between Spanish in Spain and Latin America

  • 16min

The top 25 most useful Spanish phrases

  • 11min

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41 I learned basic concepts

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17 I learned new interpersonal skills

15 It brought me more self-awareness

8 I developed social and environmental awareness


Alexander United States

Awesome course for speaking basic Spanish, even though I'm already familiar with the language. Thank you!

about 1 month ago


Tamim Bulgaria

thanks for helping US

about 1 month ago


Danielle Canada

I loved the last video when they teach you sentence you're most likely to use while travelling! Thank you

about 2 months ago


Asher United States

Im ready to learn spanish

2 months ago


Sheldon United States

Great videos

2 months ago


Imogen Benin

super useful thankyoi!

3 months ago

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