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Techniques for Hitchhiking on the Road Safely

Discover a version of you that’s braver and more confident by hitchhiking wherever you are. Make new friends and never pay for transportation on your travels!

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Aline Miranda


Mulher +30 viajando a América Latina sozinha. Larguei a vida de mulher casada pra viver na estrada como mochileira e voluntária. Escrevo sobre viagem e cultura latinoamericana, anticolonialismo, sobre mochilão, vida nômade e voluntariado. Hablo español que aprendí en el camino.

What you will learn:

  • Why Hitchhiking is Liberating and How It Will Change The Way You See Yourself
  • How to use collaborative hitchhiker apps securely, such as Blacar
  • How to hitchhike in a classic way pointing your finger on the road
  • How to increase your chances of getting a safe ride
  • Everything you should consider before hitchhiking
  • What’s true and what’s untrue about women hitchhiking
  • What it was like to travel by hitchhiker through Brazil and South America
  • Safety tips for traveling by hitchhiker alone
  • How to hitch a ride, where to pick up and who to hitch a ride with
  • How to behave when you hitchhike

This course is perfect for:

  • You who are afraid to travel alone
  • You who already travels alone but still feel a fear of hitchhiking on the road
  • You who search for ways to travel spending little
  • You who want to rediscover yourself and feel even more freedom
  • You who seeks to make new friends with people totally out of your bubble
  • You who seek to travel to many places in a more authentic way and connected with the local culture

6 lessons • 37min

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Collaborative Hitchhiker Apps


How to get a ride on the road


Women travelling by hitchhiking


Safety tips for hitchhiking


How to behave when you hitchhike?


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Ryan United States

Very helpful information about traveling around. I will be traveling with my Fiancé, and these are great bits of info for both of us to use!

7 months ago


Josie United States

This was fantastic! I feel much more comfortable with the idea of hitchhiking alone as a solo female traveler ! I never really thought this would be possible, but now, I’ve already downloaded the apps talked about in this course. I hope to try it without the apps after some more experience. Thanks for the course!

10 months ago

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