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How to plan your first solo trip as a woman

Is it safe to travel alone as a woman? What are the best places to go? What do I need to pay attention to in each country? What’s the best way to travel? Here we’ll give you all of the courage and confidence you need as a solo female traveler!

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Gilda Selis

Mi Bitácora de Viajes

Gilda Selis es argentina y periodista de viajes. Desde el 2009 es autora del blog donde comparte crónicas de viaje, información útil, guías, consejos, noticias y reflexiones. Publicó de forma autogestiva el libro “En Movimiento, geografía interna de una chica que viaja de acá para allá” donde revive los estados de ánimo en la ruta y rememora historias viajeras a través de relatos, crónicas y poemas. A pesar de vivir en la era digital sigue mandando postales por correo y le encanta hacer journaling. En sus viajes disfruta de fotografiar arte callejero, puertas y foto-charcos.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why traveling solo is the best way to discover and develop new skills outside of your comfort zone
  • How to overcome fears related to traveling alone as a woman
  • How to travel solo with Worldpackers
  • The best destinations for women traveling alone
  • Practical advice for you to feel safe traveling solo for the first time
  • Which customs and cultural differences to learn about before visiting other countries
  • How to help and empower other women to travel solo
  • Apps and tools to help you travel
  • Mistakes to avoid on your first solo trip

This content is perfect if you:

  • Love traveling but haven’t done it alone
  • Are planning your first solo trip
  • Are looking for inspiration from other women who’ve traveled the world
  • Want to learn about the Worldpackers features that will help you to have a safe trip
  • Would like to travel and empower women all over the world

5 lessons • 52min

What you'll learn from traveling solo as a woman

  • 11min

How to overcome the fear of traveling solo as a woman

  • 14min

Useful tools for planning your first solo trip

  • 15min

Mistakes to avoid on your first solo trip

  • 11min

Practical advice for female travelers to feel safer

  • 1min

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Bella United States

This course was very easy to follow, what I liked the most about it were the real life travel experiences she used to teach. I also liked the resources and tips and tricks that she shared. For example, using sky scanner or Kayak to look for better flights!

about 19 hours ago


Maria Greece

So useful 🙏🏼 Thank you so much ☺️

13 days ago



It was very useful!!

22 days ago


Abby United States

Great advice!

28 days ago


nancy Canada

I enjoyed learning all the details I didn’t even think about…😀 thanks

about 1 month ago


Julia Brazil

Great course!!

about 1 month ago

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