Meagan Henderson

How to become an outstanding Worldpacker

Understand how the volunteer experience works, what hosts value in exchange and what it's like to live collaborating with people from all over the world!


Meet the mentor

Meagan Henderson

Hey I'm Meg! I caught the travel bug at 19 and haven't been able to stop. While I do work full time now, my job allows me a lot of freedom for wonderful adventures around the world. I am extroverted, organized and love to capture my experiences through video & photography.

6 lessons • 45min

The Worldpackers volunteer experience

  • 5min

Safety and the confidence to volunteer

  • 6min

How to find the perfect host and confirm your trip

  • 14min

Traveller and host responsibilities during exchanges

  • 1min

What to do in unexpected situations

  • 9min

Reviews: Worldpackers’ most powerful tool

  • 10min

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18749 I learned basic concepts

17387 I learned how to plan my trip

14334 I discovered useful tools and materials

10549 It brought me more self-awareness

10488 I learned new interpersonal skills

8590 I learned new technical skills


Ella Australia

The course is well put together and easy to follow :)

about 1 hour ago


Tai United States

I thought the course was great! It gives a clear understanding of what Worldpacker’s is and it’s values/expectations from the hosts’ standpoint as well as the Volunteer(s), and it gives a goes over a wide variety of different topics that will better ease your mind when looking for places to volunteer! Take the course, get the certification, it’s only 45 minutes :)

about 1 hour ago


Luisina Argentina

love it

about 1 hour ago


Valentina Chile

The course provides valuable insights into volunteering and meaningful travel, offering a unique perspective on how to explore the world while contributing positively to local communities. Through interactive lessons and practical resources!!

about 1 hour ago


Liren United States

I really enjoyed Mega clarity and how she didn’t beat around the bush about anything. The WP safety protocols were interesting to learn and I see how they can hold everyone accountable for their actions. I loved learning about the program, how hosts work, how WPers work, and every detail I could have ever had a question on such as how to build a profile, how to find the perfect host, what to do if things go bad etc. It was very informative

about 2 hours ago


Jessica Canada

Was very clear and easy to learn

about 3 hours ago

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