Planning and budgeting for travel

Everything you need to know to travel more while spending less: financial planning, itineraries, languages, and more.

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What the word is out there


Andrés Costa Rica

Important information that everyone needs to know about how to prepare before an International Trip, how to save money, how to be aware about interchange currency, it was really helpful :)

About the course Financial planning for travel: how to budget, save, and manage your expenses


Rachel United States

I enjoyed this course because it taught me more about how to budget and prepare for long-term independent travel!

About the course How to plan a long term trip


Erik United States

Portuguese & Spanish are so similar this is a good video if you’re trying to learn Portuguese however I did have trouble learning activating subtitles to English but thankfully I speak Spanish and had no trouble comprehending, Obrigado!

About the course Portugués para viajeros

Everything you need to plan your trip and travel more while spending less.

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