Aline Fortuna

  • Age: 30
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English

Volunteer Experiences

Experience in Israel

Guest House Be'er Sheva, Israel Jun/2018

Kitchen Hand, Cleaning, Housekeeping, and Gardening

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Review written by Aline Fortuna

NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE! It was the best experience so far. Ram is an angel and his place surrounded by nature is very peaceful! We applied to stay 1 month, but we stayed 2 and we did not stay more only because our visa, otherwise we probably would be there now hahaha. We will remember this experience for the rest of our lives as well as Ram (Pica, Toto and Gingi - the lovely animals) as a very good friends! Thanks again Ram for everything! Miss all of you!

Academy Certificates

Worldpackers Academy was created to prepare the travel community to be committed and engaged volunteers.

Outdoor photography: work and inspire other people through nature

Portuguese version

Completed the course “Outdoor photography: work and inspire other people through nature”, learning how to take and edit incredible photos in nature and outdoor environments.

Community contributions

How the traveler helps the Worldpackers community besides volunteering.


Producing educational videos for the Academy

Videos made for the Academy

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Introduction to Outdoor Photography: exploring your passion for travel and nature - Trailer


How to deal with external factors that affect photography


Mundo Sem Muros

Eu sou Aline Fortuna, fotógrafa, viajante e produtora de conteúdo do projeto MUNDO SEM MUROS. Com a fotografia, descobri que eu não precisava esperar o fim de semana para fazer o que eu gostava. Eu consegui realmente buscar um estilo de vida que faz sentido pra mim. De coração aberto as novas experiências que a estrada proporciona, a fotografia outdoor me possibilita viajar mais, conhecer os lugares mais incríveis do mundo e ter ainda mais liberdade.


  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Spanish


I'm an expert!
  • Animal Care
  • Cleaning
  • Content Writer
  • Housekeeping
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Video Making
Some experience
  • Administration
  • Child Care
  • Cooking
  • Farming
  • Gardening
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Music
  • Night Shift
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Party Promoter
  • Reception
  • Web Developer
I want to learn it
  • Bartending
  • Social Work


Work Experience

Renata: Filmmaker
Aline: Photographer

Travel Experience

Together we travelled around 10 countries during 1 year 2 months:
- Spain
- Portugal
- Germany
- Egypt
- Israel
- Jordan
- Cyprus
- Turkey
- Georgia
- France

Atm we are travelling around Brazil :)