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  • The winners will be announced on the WP Instagram (@worldpackers; @worldpackersbrasil and on May 7, 2024. The winners will be contacted by Worldpackers via email within one business day after the announcement.
  • The selection of winners will be made by the Worldpackers team, based on a qualitative and subjective analysis of the responses.
  • Only individuals who meet all the requirements below can participate:
  • Are registered on the Worldpackers platform, with or without a paid plan.
  • Have completed the free “How to be an outstanding worldpacker” certification provided on the platform.
  • Have answered the question “What is your dream Worldpackers experience and why?” on this page.
  • Worldpackers will provide a payment of USD 500 to the winners, and they will purchase the tickets of their choice.
  • Worldpackers has until May/31/2024 to make the payment to the winners.
  • If the cost of the ticket(s) exceeds the maximum value of USD 500, the difference in cost will be the responsibility of the winner.
Official regulations