Volunteering in Morocco: a trip beyond words

I have never found any solid ground to attach myself anywhere while I have met valuable pieces of me everywhere I have been to. I joined the community just one year ago looking for adventure and I had already taken part in three different projects for diverse periods of time.



I believe in change. My main motivations are sharing and learning. Photography, writing, reading,...

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Nov 07, 2018


The first view through the web made me feel full of hope and gladness because of the many opportunities there are comprising a huge range of activities fitting what I wanted in every single continent.

It took me some weeks to finally decide what the outset would be and that is the way Worldpackers led me to the North of France for the first time.

I have been quite conservative all during my life and while I had travelled with my family and gone to visit the rest of it in Havana, I have never been out of my usual environment before.

That time I had to take a long journey from Paris to Lisieux and then to Ticheville, where I finally met the other volunteers, the hosts and the cats.

I spent there a month and even when my original plans consisted of spending the last days in Paris I decided to stay with them until the end of May.

Coming back was bitter though my mother was waiting for me with open arms and I had things to do related to university. Home as a concrete concept melted on the carpet, served on a table, folded on my bed, linked directly to a place had disappeared thoroughly and I just wanted to go further.

As feelings settled, I was able to digest the experience in a healthier manner, though it has always been positive, it was not easy for the first days back to let it go, but just a few after the farewell I felt hopeful and glad again.

During the next months I finished the project of career and graduated while looking forward to the summer vacation.

Then August came and I had it all arranged for staying in Morocco for three months.

Disregarding some doubts and decisions that took the place of others, I remember vividly seating in the plane and holding my sister's hand.

Morocco was amazing. We took a three week trip through Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Chefchaouen and Fes.

Fes being our final destination as we started volunteering at an academy there.

My sister left in September for she had to and I stayed two months onward.

I visited many places during this period, including the desert in Merzouga and Ifrane.

Working with children and adults and living in such a different culture as a woman and an adult was quite constructive for consolidating my character and strengthening the satisfaction I feel every time I share, learn, explore, taste, see and contribute to beauty.

At the beginning of November we had a farewell trip around Arzoud, from where I went to Rabat and I came back for my sister’s birthday.

Time had flown again but then I didn't experience any mourning as I needed all the energy to keep all details forever. I had learnt every corner is an opportunity to grow and every journey is an I have never before solved.

Now I commited myself to a new project in Colombia, also consisting of working with children in a vulnerable community and I can’t wait to go there.

We all don’t have the same necessities and demands but we all have the capacity to appreciate beauty and improve ourselves.

My advice is to jump into the sea and find what is there for you beyond the splay of your window.

Fly and fill yourself up of colours and joy.

The biggest risk you will take will be standing that side for the rest of your life.

They say you will find things beyond words.



I believe in change. My main motivations are sharing and learning. Photography, writing, reading,...

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Nov 07, 2018

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