10 amazing experiences to get away from the city

This is our selection of amazing hosts in beautiful beaches, countryside or in the forest. Check it out!

1) Help an elderly couple renovate their new cottage!

These hosts love the outdoor life and even have some - wait for it - CONNEMARA PONIES! You can help them paint, finish renovating and fix up their cottage, as well as do garden work and enjoy the region: nearby is the Great Yorkshire Forest and a national park filled with beautiful wilderness. Oh, and you’ll also have meals provided!

2) Teach a language and surf in your free time on an island in paradise

You don’t need much to have an incredible experience. Help out for a few hours a day and be part of a community in a place that will make you forget the rest of the world. Surf, do yoga, explore the island, sleep under the stars – check out the videos on the host’s profile, they’re worth much more than our thousand words :-)

3) Get your hands dirty building a sustainable home!

This is the perfect place for those who love sustainable practices and bio-building. Hobbitstee was originally a hippie community and has gone through many changes, but it’s kept its love for organic food and the peaceful life of a self-sufficient community. Awesome, right? Come to learn and get inspired!

4) Compose the soundtrack for an amazing treehouse village

Play music and sing for the guests in the treehouses of the Dominican jungle on the Samana peninsula – a truly unique experience. And for those who only sing in the shower, take a look at the other open positions!

5) Connect with nature and explore your sexuality in the Valley of Sensations

Live in a sustainable permaculture community that allows you to explore and express your creativity, flow at your own pace, and interact deeply with the natural environment.

6) Learn to grow mushrooms in Nepal

Help take care of the shiitakes for a few hours a day, explore the honey extraction area and enjoy the awesome setup of Kamal's farm - it's all you can eat!

7) Relax on a farm in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul

Help a couple grow organic food and learn the daily rhythms of a tranquil life on the farm. Breathe the fresh air and get your feet dirty in the soil of Mato Grosso!

8) Explore Patagonia

Waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and forests await you in this experience that shelters you from the rest of the world in the best "into the wild" way.

9) Learn how to make chocolate in Colombia

In the Amazon rainforest, your host will teach you all about cacao farming and the whole chocolate making process. Enough said.

10) Passe uma temporada de alegria e renovação no sul da Itália

Você pode ficar em um dos yurts e usar o banheiro seco do Giardino logo após um passeio pela plantação de azeitonas do lugar. Ah, la vita italiana!

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