Are you also afraid of dropping everything to travel?

How I overcame my fears and difficulties to make my dream a reality


Like many others, my dream is to travel around the world. When I was 20, I promised myself that before turning 25, I’d step foot on every continent, and this promise stayed with me every day. But just like many people, I was also afraid, even terrified of traveling – especially as a woman – and I thought it would be really expensive.

While I kept thinking about all this and was dying to go around the world like the backpackers who I followed online, I ended up having a normal life, got my degree in marketing, and have worked for advertising companies for the last five years.

It was only when I found myself perfectly well-situated in my comfort zone that I realized I was stuck in a boring routine, years had gone by and I still hadn’t done any of the things I’d dreamed of.

Rather than being scared of the risks of traveling around the world, I was now more afraid of time passing me by and not having fulfilled my dreams.

Then, somehow, the courage to leave everything and start my adventure around the world appeared and grew within me, giving me a certainty I can hardly explain. I couldn’t focus on anything except my trip, the places I wanted to discover, and what I wanted to do.

I found inspiring projects that gave me the confidence to travel alone and showed me that it’s possible to have this experience without a lot of money, that you can work in exchange for accommodation and meals and even make money while traveling by working temporary jobs.

Instead of “country-hopping”, traveling to tons of different places, I like to experience new cultures, meet the locals, make friends, and try new routines, all of which Worldpackers is perfect for.

Working in hostels, aside from being an amazing experience of sharing everything and having zero privacy, lets you discover the local life and meet people from all over the world at the same.

You’ll always find new people who will inspire you even more, in tons of different ways. Many of them will take you to places that you’ve never even heard of before.

It’s only been five months since I left Brazil, but it seems like it’s already been a year since my first stop. Sometimes I really miss home, but it’s never too overpowering. Now I’m traveling across Europe, preferably along the Mediterranean, the majority of the way by ridesharing. I’ll use Worldpackers in Croatia, and keep traveling until I feel like going home.

When I decided to start this journey, I thought it would take two years, but because I don’t have a set end date, I’m just going to keep making my plans while on the road. If everything continues as planned, I’ll go back to Brazil with a bunch of new stamps in my passport and souvenirs mostly in my mind and heart, because too many material things don’t work great in a backpack – mine’s named Beth – and we share our story at Na Minha Mochila.

By the worldpacker Bruna Pétalla

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