Bikepacking in South America with Worldpackers

Now I am wandering the Chilean roads, heading for the south of the continent.

Bikepacking in South America

I decided to be a member of the Worldpackers community because I like the idea of help and exchange of experiences, as well as learning new things. Moreover, I can focus on the low-budget aspect of the expedition.

For several years, I could not get rid of thoughts about bikepacking in South America. The result – now I am wandering the Chilean roads, heading for the south of the continent.

I have to admit, the first reason I decided to stay at Eco Lodge La Frontera was the location. Heading towards Tierra del Fuego from Santiago, the Chilean Seven Lakes seemed a good place to rest before the next stage of the journey.

Besides, going through the country without a longer stop to take a look at everyday life is like an incomplete project. When I saw what the Ecolodge has to offer, I did not think for a long time.

bikepacking in chile
Christina Chahat, the owner of this natural reserve, accepted my request. Half a year later I appeared on a bicycle around the town Liquine to find out if the description on the Worldpackers site is true.

Although the reserve is only 10 km away from this town, you can feel there as if in a complete wilderness. Despite the distance from civilization, it is not a quiet place. The noise of mountain torrents intertwines with the sounds of many types of birds, among them ibises and parrots.

The belief that green color calms down is established, and I can only confirm that. The view of steep hills covered entirely by trees did not bore at all. The same as the view of other natural goods in the area of the reserve: the mentioned torrents, cascades and waterfalls, lakes situated at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level, surrounded by majestic mountain ridges, which in October and November were still covered with a large layer of snow.

I came to the EcoLodge at the beginning of the season. It is a new place on the map of tourist facilities, and as new place requires much work to be prepared for a larger amount of guests.

Together on Laguna Epulafquen
Despite many tasks, the beginning of the season helped in integration with employees and other volunteers. Due to the new legal regulations regarding the registration of mobile phones by foreigners, we were cut off from the Internet, what I think has brought us all closer together.

Nowadays, the lack of Internet seems to be a problem at first, but in fact, it is a blessing. You may say that legal regulations have helped to create an even more harmonious team of happy people from different parts of the world.

At this point, it is worth to mention co-volunteers: Bruna (Brazil) and Anselm (Germany). Together with us in the reserve were great workers - a couple of Catalans Bego and Pep, and a resident of nearby Liquiñe - Chalo.

Eco Lodge La Frontera Worldpackers
The owners, Christina Chahat and Miguel watched over everything. Since I am already counting, I cannot omit four dogs, three cats, five horses, two bulls, chickens and a rooster.

As you can see, being away from civilization does not mean being lonely. Not only that, at that time we created a new family for good and for bad. Being away from home, on a different continent, I felt like at home.

Full of positive memories I am ready for the further journey and for the unexpected. For my part, I sincerely recommend, because volunteering is not limited only to help, but also to meet other people as interesting as you are.

I also found out that being a volunteer begins in your mind. A positive attitude is a key element to help the others. It can be confirmed by the fact that the keyword of the entire stay was only one, but very important: ¡Alegria! By the worldpacker Mateusz Żaczek

Bikepacking Mateus Zaczek

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