Finding the most talented and committed travelers has never been so easy!


Are you still uncertain if that traveler matches your style? Are you in doubt if he/her will commit to you and the experience you're offering? We selected these 3 tips on how to choose committed travelers that match your establishment’s vibe. Have you used one of them already?

1- You have the power to choose the most talented travelers

The first thing to do is to use the tools Worldpackers offers to make a more accurate selection. It’s important to identify what kind of help you need at a given moment and what skills you need to carry out the necessary tasks to fulfill the activity. Another important detail is to describe very well your hostel’s vibe so you can attract a traveler that matches your business. Renata, Hostel Alice’s manager, explains how to identify the right traveler’s profile in this post.

2- Do an extra verification

In Worldpackers, you can send and receive files that are important for your recruitment process when talking to potential worldpackers. You can send in your own application forms with specific information including résumés, rules, and procedures. For some specific roles (like web developer, photographer, and video-maker), you can ask for the traveler’s portfolio and that they bring ALL the necessary documents: cameras, software, etc.

3- Feel confident that they will show up

After confirming a trip, we recommend you ask for a copy of the traveler’s plane/travel ticket.

Is there any other step that you take when recruiting travelers from Worldpackers? We’d love to hear about it! :)

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