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Hey! I’m Ana, traveler of spirit, worldpacker at heart, and part of the Worldpackers support team. My passion for traveling to new places started when I moved from the state of São Paulo to the capital city. In 2015, I traveled through India to work in a women empowerment project, which was of course incredible. Since I got back, it’s been my job here at Worldpackers to help hosts and travelers with any questions, and make sure that everyone has an awesome experience.
So I’m gonna give you some friendly tips to hopefully give you some food for thought :)Ana, I don’t have any idea where to go! Can you recommend some places?

Hold up! On the Worldpackers site, there’s an incredible filter that can help you find the best experience for you right off the bat, but you need to have a destination first, right? Cool! Check out all the best tips:

- What’s kind of vibe are you looking for? A bigger city or something in the middle of the jungle? Think about your lifestyle and what kinds of places have what you like – you have to feel at home there! If you’re in the mood to see something totally different to break out of your comfort zone, just do the exact opposite and look for places that have something new you want to experience.
- What do you want to get out of this? If you want to experience a new culture or even just a specific tourist destination, look for those kinds of places! Or, you might be down for anything! If that’s the case, check out some travel blogs and awesome trip possibilities that will inspire you to find your new destination. In this travel guide, we’ve put together some worldpackers’ stories that could help you with that.
- What can you offer in exchange? Remember that hosts expect your help with some tasks while you stay with them, which can range from things like cleaning to doing art. You just have to be willing to lend a hand!

In the Travel Guide, you’ll also find some articles with some suggestions for SUPER cool places you could go. Check it out!
10 incredible experiences to make your summer more adventurous!
10 unique places to volunteer in 2018 and truly change other people’s livesAna, what should I do first? If I already know where I want to go, can I go ahead and buy my ticket?

Start looking for tickets, any necessary visas and permits, costs, and activities to do while you're there. Does this all fit your budget? If yes, awesome! Start applying to Worldpackers hosts. The ideal is to apply to 8 or more about 6 weeks in advance. I'm sure this might make you change your mind a few times, and you might fall in love with another destination! Once you’ve confirmed your trip with the host, it’s time to buy your ticket!

Sites to find cheap tickets:
Google Voos | Kayak | Student Universe | GoEuro | SkyScanner | Quanto Custa Viajar | Rome2Rio | Kiwi

Sites to help figure out travel and living costs:
Quanto Custa Viajar | Numbeo | InspirockBut Ana, is this really safe?

I can assure you that everyone here at Worldpackers does their absolute best to make sure that yes, all our hosts are reliable and provide the best experience for everyone. We have a whole team dedicated entirely to making that happen – finding, approving, and educating our hosts while they work with us. But if somehow anything happens, you can count on us to give you the support you need! Learn more about our WP insurance here. Also, almost all of our hosts have feedback and reviews from people who’ve already stayed with them, which makes our community more transparent.

Ok. But how much will it cost? I don’t have any money!

This really depends on a lot of things, you know? The principal factors are:

1- The distance between where you live and your destination: generally, the further away you want to go, the more expensive the trip will be. Don’t have the money to go to the other side of the world? Why not have your first experience somewhere incredible that’s just not so far from away from home?

2- The exchange rate: If your country's currency is weaker than in your destination, your trip will be more expensive. Europe and North America tend to be much more expensive than Southeast Asia or Latin America, for example

3- Food costs: Some Worldpackers hosts offer one, two, or even three meals a day. If you’re short on money, finding a host like this can help you save a ton on your trip.

4- Outings and entertainment: there’s plenty to do for free or that costs very little. Save a little bit of money for different attractions and weekend trips. Day trips, when you don’t spend the night somewhere else, are a great way to get to know various places without having to pay for accommodation.

There are too many factors for me to be able to tell you exactly how much you’ll save. But you can be sure that traveling as a worldpacker, you’ll spend between 50% and 70% less than as a normal tourist, since you don’t have to pay for accommodation while you’re doing a work exchange that provides it for you.

A friend of ours has a lot of resources about this and always says that traveling the world is much cheaper than everyone thinks! Check out his site, I'm sure he can help!So, what else do you need to know? If you have any questions I didn’t answer and you think could help the rest of the community, send me an email at!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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