24 hours in paradise

Yes, there are some paradises on earth, and one of them is Nusa Penida in Indonesia (an island very close to the island of Bali). Better than finding this paradise, is to spend 24 hours on an incredible adventure involving this paradise. I would like to share this story with you in this article.


Oct 01, 2018

Living my dream of travelling the world! :) After 12 months volunteering in Asia/Oceania, now I'm exploring Europe. Please, let me inspire yo...

beach view from above

After my Worldpackers trip in Australia (Canberra and surroundings: unexpectedly amazing!), I decided to be just a tourist for a while: New Zealand and then Indonesia.

In Indonesia, many people plan their trips only to Bali and sometimes they do not even know that just around the corner there is an incredible paradise, and they end up not going to Nusa Penida.

Fortunately, it was not my case, and I will describe my day for you to draw your own conclusions.

My day began in the Kuta region, on the island of Bali, at the hostel (5 dollars a day, with pool and free pancakes) where I requested an online transport at 9:30 AM (Go-car, Grab and Uber work Bali) to Sanur Beach. The car cost 5 dollars to Sanur, but if you rent a motorcycle instead it will become even cheaper.

The tour around Bali is already very interesting, with monuments and temples.

Arriving in Sanur Beach (about 40 minutes from Kuta) I looked for the cheapest and fastest boat for Nusa Penida: I chose the company El Rey / Angel Billabong, where if you book online you can find round trip for 300 thousand Rupees (20 dollars). The boat's departure time was 11hs.

PLEASE NOTE: in Sanur Beach you will only have boats for Nusa Penida in which you will not be able to take your own bike or car! If this is your case you should head to Padang Bay, a bit to the north of Sanur Beach in Bali.

Traveling by boat is always cool for me (fortunately I do not get sick): to see the island of Bali going away, other islands passing by the way and so approaching Nusa Penida is incredible. Approximately one relaxing hour relaxing until we dock in Nusa Penida.

Soon arriving on the island I spent a few minutes to choose the top3 places I wanted to go. I chose Angel's Billabong, Broken Beach and Kelingking Beach, rent a motorbike (6 dollars a day) and the adventure was about to start.

Foot on the road!

The island is relatively small (about 30 km from west to east), however the roads have the worst condition I have ever seen in life. I'm talking about off-road, with huge holes in the entire lane and incredibly steep up and down paths that make the trip 300% worse. This all makes the path much more time consuming and dangerous, as well as much more incredible and unforgettable obviously.

An hour and a half off road afterwards, I arrived at the first destination: Angel's Billabong. I've never seen anything like it in all my life.

The rocky mountains have suffered from volcanic eruptions, and the lava has created a natural pool with corals, fish, crabs and the purest, most transparent water there is. When the light hits the water in areas with seaweed, you can see a beautiful turquoise blue ... stunning! I stayed there swimming in that marvel for approximately two hours.

Walking for about 5 minutes, you can reach my next destination: Broken Beach. A circular rock wall created a limited area inside, but over the years the action of the waters created a hole, allowing the existence of a beach there. Completely unbelievable and spectacular. It is possible to circulate around and take (many) photos: too beautiful!

Little did I know that the best was yet to come ... and much better!!

Back on the motorcycle adventure, another hour to the cliff of Kelingking . I don’t know very well what to write, many emotions and feelings in seeing those landscapes.

I discovered then that unlike Broken Beach, there was a trail in the middle of the cliff wall that would allow to reach that incredible beach: an extremely dangerous path, made with bamboo, rope and small handmade steps on the rocks.

Without hesitation, I was already venturing along the trail and, very carefully, I arrived at the beach about 40 minutes later. The sunset was already beginning to happen which made the arrival on the beach even more special!

WHAT A PARADISE!!! Very clear sand, beautiful and huge turquoise waves, smell of nature, warm water, incredible view, few little animals (no mosquitoes or dangerous animals), wonderful sky ... what a place, what a feeling of being in paradise!

Of course, I stayed there until the end of the sunset, and it started to get dark: the trail is ten times more dangerous at night... but that’s okay, because I had already decided to sleep there. At nightfall the sky turned into a beautiful cloudless dark blue, full of stars and a crescent moon smiling at me (exactly like the cat from Alice in Wonderland).

I made a little fire, I rested in the sand, I swam naked, I meditated... what a simple and perfect night.

I went to sleep and I woke up with this view!

vista da praia ao acordar

The only complaint I have is that I had to leave. I gathered my things, my trash and went up the trail to leave.

Seeing the beach getting small while climbing the trail makes you feel as if you are returning to the planet earth that we know… and this reminds me that it is not possible to live in a paradisiacal state forever and that is the beauty of life: if we lived in such amazing state always, we would give it no value.

Quick swing by Angel’s Billabong again for a little ‘shower’ and chill, I got the bike, the boat, the car and I went back to the hostel. Happy, fulfilled, inspired to continue.

If you have the opportunity, be sure to do something like that on some beach (I got sand in my hair for days). 

Courage, fellow travelers! 😊

Gustavo Goulart, ‘Long Term Travels’ Lifestyle Coach.


Oct 01, 2018

Living my dream of travelling the world! :) After 12 months volunteering in Asia/Oceania, now I'm exploring Europe. Please, let me inspire yo...

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