How I used my social media skills to travel for free in Thailand

This is how I stayed 1 week helping out a hostel in exchange for free stay.

While travelling around Southeast Asia I decided to spend a week volunteering as a Social Media Manager for a hostel in Bangkok, not only did it save me money on my travels it turned out to be one of the best weeks of my entire trip.

After moving round every couple of days it was nice to put my backpack down and sleep in the same bed for seven nights and really get to know the area. It also felt really good to focus on something creative and to think strategically again.

I lucked out with Here hostel, it was run by a fantastic team of people who were all really friendly, great fun to work with and clearly loved their jobs. I was asked to help increase brand awareness by creating content for their Facebook and Instagram channels.It was incredibly fun interacting with the array of awesome travellers who came and went during my seven days and turning our experiences into photos, videos and social posts to help promote the hostel. I also got to help with preparations for a surprise Pad Thai breakfast that the hostel team arranged for all the guests.

I found the hostel through a site called Worldpackers which connects travellers with hosts all around the world, giving people the opportunity to exchange their skills for a free bed and breakfast. The travellers get free accommodation and the opportunity to gain some valuable work experience. The hostels get experience, skills and ideas from all around the world and can save money on some costly processes such as marketing strategy, video editing, website design and day to day running. It really is a win-win scenario.

It was rewarding being able to pass on some of my expertise to the hostel team and we both took a lot of inspiration from each other. I received some great feedback from the hostel manager on the Worldpackers site and can now add the experience to my CV.

Volunteering while travelling gave me the best of both worlds. I got the opportunity to take a few months out to travel and was still able to further develop my skills and gain professional experience in another country, which will now help me stand out as a candidate.

How many people can say that they’ve managed social media for a hostel in Bangkok?By the worldpacker Amy Turner

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