8 months on the road and my lifestyle has not gone crazy

“Look at him: tossed his entire life away to travel... so reckless!” “He must be in the middle of an identity crisis, poor guy.” “That much time in this crazy way of living! Does he have any clue of how nonsense he is right now?!”


Oct 10, 2018

Living my dream of travelling the world! :) After 12 months volunteering in Asia/Oceania, now I'm exploring Europe. Please, let me inspire yo...


This article has the sole purpose of making you understand that those sentences, and many others, could be completely wrong when referring to someone just because they changed their lifestyle to a traveling one. And also make you realize that doing such thing has nothing to do with crisis,immaturity and irresponsibility: those are very different concepts.

I’ll use a bit of my experience to explain it to you guys: I am currently on my 4th backpacking trip, and on each one I was on a different maturity/responsibility level, that led me to different consequences during and after those travels. 

A better explanation of my lifestyle

By the end of my very first trip (many years ago, 1 month trip, west/central Europe) I had a thrombophlebitis on my arm and 3 kidney stones, and I hope you don’t know how painful those things could be... I was drinking too much alcohol, not drinking enough water, not eating healthy and regularly, not sleeping well, doing reckless things, losing a bunch of weight etc.

Other then the above, I was on a constant struggle about the duration of my travels: I felt like I wanted to know more, travel more, and I always had only those 2 or 3 or 4 weeks to squeeze everything in that I wanted to do every year. And so, I was never happy about going back to work so soon nor had the feeling I accomplished all that I wanted on the trip.

I also thought that travel was just a huge party and was reckless many times, which made me lose lots of money and time in the end.

Those and other points taught me a valuable lesson: there’s much less value in traveling, or doing anything really, if you’re not healthy, able, capable or do not have the proper time available to do that stuff on your own time.

So then, years ago when I decided to really change my lifestyle to pursue my dream of knowing the World I made my mind that I was going to it the right way (in my perception).

3 steps I followed, and which I’d love for you to follow too

1 – Make your mind that changing a lifestyle will not make your life necessarily easier, it only necessarily means it will be different and hopefully more in accordance with your dreams and therefore make you happier.

2 – Do your best effort to make not only you, but also everyone else around you, comfortable and prepared about your upcoming lifestyle change. Many months in advance if possible.

3 – Be aware that a travelling lifestyle requires a lot of planning, scheduling, organization, lots of well-being and safety care, discipline etc, and those things will take time of your day.

If you can acknowledge and follow those 3 steps, you and the ones around you (family, previous co-workers, friends etc) will accept on a much more easy and smooth way your lifestyle change. And instead of saying the sentences on the beginning of this article, they will say:

“Damn, look at him: became a professional traveler: I’m so jealous!”

“He did such smooth transition before he quit this job… I’m sure the company would take him back if he wants!!”

I think he found his purpose in life and is following it courageously… I truly respect that!”

Cheers travelers! 😊

Gustavo Goulart

‘Long Term Travels’ Lifestyle Coach 

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Oct 10, 2018

Living my dream of travelling the world! :) After 12 months volunteering in Asia/Oceania, now I'm exploring Europe. Please, let me inspire yo...

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