Africa, how beautiful you truly are. 

And in the middle of it, lying at the Indian Ocean, there's Tanzania, my new home for almost three months. To be more precise: I live in Kisesa, a small town close to the Victoria lake, the blue pearl of this Continent. 

Obviously, I am not just here for fun and touristic reasons. In fact, I am volunteering at a school called Sawil Pax Upendo Academy Children’s Centre as a teacher as well as behind the scenes, giving my best shot to make the school as a whole a bit better.

At 7 o’clock my alarm starts to ring. Accompanied by the tune “Viva la Vida” I get up and only a few seconds later already pour myself some hot tea into my cup to get ready for the following work day. After a delicious breakfast full of Tanzanian specialties I set out for school, together with 4 other volunteers currently also working here. From time to time, depending on what business meetings he has today, also with William, the director of the school. 

At school, we are doing our best to teach children something new, by showing them some fun games, new toys, or an interesting book with many exciting pictures in it. Since the children are only 3-5 years old this can be sometimes challenging, but if you manage to pull off a good class, the outcome will be even more rewarding. 

Other than that we are currently working on something I am very excited about: a brand new book for our kids, full of useful exercises specific to every subject they have. It will most definitely take some time to complete it, but I highly believe that every second we are putting into this project is worth it. Sadly, they don’t have a school book at the moment and this will be a big step up in the quality of the school.

During afternoons and weekends, we have a lot of free time to experience the African lifestyle

The two phrases “pole pole” and “Hakuna Matata” – “no hurries” and “no worries” - are deeply anchored in their culture. It’s this chillness combined with the openness of people living here that really strikes you. 

It often happens that, when you are walking on the streets or on a bus, locals will start talking to you. So, don’t be shy if someone starts talking to you in public, but embrace it. Occasionally, you'll start approaching people too. 

To sum it all up: who should travel to Tanzania and help out at this project? 

Anyone willing to explore and understand the Tanzanian culture a little bit further and experience a simpler lifestyle in a rural region. Also for those looking to work for a good cause. 

Although the Sawil Pax Upendo Academy is giving local children new opportunities by providing good education, it still needs a lot of help in order to reach its maximum potential.

Hopefully, you'll be the next worldpacker helping them out.

Hakuna Matata!



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Oct 21, 2018

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