6 organic farm volunteer opportunities to apply for today

Become an organic farm volunteer and have the adventure of a lifetime in a sustainable way! Check out these positions for volunteer work abroad in organic farming, get inspired, and get involved today!


Sep 10, 2018

Steph is a freelance content creator, artist, traveler and dreamer. She has traveled to 12 countries and lived extensively in 4 of them. Currently...

organic farm in Panama

If you weren’t already aware, organic agriculture around the world is on the rise. We are turning to more sustainable ways to feed ourselves that happen to also treat our lands and animals in healthier ways.

There is a lot of land and a lot of people on this planet, how do these farmers do it? And how can you get involved? I’ll show you 6 different opportunities to be an organic farm volunteer in different farming situations around the globe. Will you lend a hand, and your heart?

Help out on a family farm in Brazil

 If you have a love for nature and a willingness to learn, helping on a family farm in the town of Rolante is ideal for you. It’s a unique experience, as you’ll get to learn about family farming through volunteering in ecological ways such as harvesting, feeding animals, cooking, as well as meeting other needs. 

You can stay from just 4 days up to 4 weeks, being immersed in organic agriculture on a personal scale. Check out this position and be the helping hand this family needs!

organic family farm in Brazil

Apprenticeship in Colombia working in sustainable food production

Live with, learn with, and work with local farmers and other volunteers on an organic farm, PachaMama, in the Andean mountains. You must have a great respect and passion for nature and be ready to work and learn about seed and crop management, sowing and harvesting, sewer systems and other agro-ecological principles. 

Join the cycle of sustainability volunteering from one to four weeks and take a look at this opportunity now.

volunteer working in organic farm in Colombia

Hands on building and farming experience in Portugal

If you’re looking to learn about sustainability in the most practical ways, un-plugged and away from screens, where animals and crops become your friends, collaborating on this community farm is perfect for you. 

You’ll learn how to make a living with very minimal impact on nature and a positive impact on society. Be prepared to rough-it a little for at least 2 or more weeks, apply today

Hands on building and farming experience in Portugal

Be a helper on an organic farm in Wales

Ever been to a farmers market? Learn the ins and outs about what it takes to get something from a farmer’s organic garden to your table in this experience in the Welsh countryside. 

Volunteer your time running chicken coupes, maintaining a garden as well as making fresh preserves. Take what you learn home with you after your stay of 2 to 6 weeks on this lovely organic farm.

organic farm to volunteer at in Wales

Learn how to innovate as a farm helper in Nepal

In addition to being a helping hand on an organic farm, you can volunteer part of your time in many opportunities that have a social impact in the community of Banepa, Nepal. 

Learn how to manage the farm, permaculture techniques and what innovative farming really means. Stay from one to three months in this welcoming eco-village

local celebration at Nepalese eco village

Live on a permaculture farm off the Caribbean coast of Panama

Enjoy island life while doing work on a permaculture food forest. Learn techniques of sustainability and how to work with the land as you help a family with their vision to have a self-sustainable homestead. 

Perfect for a longer time commitment, 6 weeks to 6 months, check out all this experience entails and apply today!

paradisiacal organic farm in the rain jungles of panama

Volunteering around the world in agricultural, ecological and sustainability projects is something the world is demanding more of. Don’t wait until tomorrow to literally get on the organic farm wagon! 

These are just 6 opportunities available, check out all the eco-positions Worldpackers has to offer and get to it!


Sep 10, 2018

Steph is a freelance content creator, artist, traveler and dreamer. She has traveled to 12 countries and lived extensively in 4 of them. Currently...

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