Why is it important to pre-approve and confirm volunteers on our platform?

With these simple actions, you can guarantee greater engagement from travelers and aligned expectations for your exchanges!


Confirming a trip through our platform means formalizing an agreement between host and volunteer, guaranteeing that both parties agree to the information listed in your positions. It’s a commitment to uphold your agreement, which reduces the chances of misaligned expectations and/or possible misunderstandings regarding each person’s benefits and responsibilities. 

What are the benefits of confirming a trip on our platform?

  • Support: It’s the only way for us to recognize your agreement as a Worldpackers exchange and ensure that both parties, travelers and hosts, have access to our support before, during, and after the experiences.
  • More committed travelers: Only travelers who have purchased an annual Worldpackers plan can chat with our community hosts and apply to volunteer positions. This makes the difference with volunteers who get in touch with you through other channels, with no official agreement or clear responsibilities and expectations.
  • Feedback exchange: Confirming a trip on our platform is the only way to ensure the right to leave and receive reviews at the end of your experiences. This way, you contribute to our community by writing comments about travelers and even making your profile more attractive to future volunteers with positive reviews.

Besides, if a traveler cancels at the last minute or is a no-show, you can report that on our platform and it will be displayed on their profile as an alert that they canceled or didn’t show up for an experience. This visibility on the profiles helps you to prevent no-shows

And in terms of the quality of your experiences, our Traveler Deactivation Policy enforces account deactivation for volunteers with repeated negative reviews or who don’t show up to confirmed experiences. This helps us to prevent these situations from continuing and negatively impacting other hosts in our community.

How do I confirm a Worldpackers trip?

To have access to all of the above benefits, you as a host need to pre-approve the volunteers you’ve chosen in your Worldpackers Inbox, which means that you’re accepting to host this person for the dates in their application and will comply with all information included in your position listing. 

But pay attention: pre-approval is not the final confirmation of a trip. Travelers still need to confirm their experience after you pre-approve them by clicking the confirmation button.

To make life easier for our hosts, you can also pre-approve and get notifications of confirmed trips using our mobile app, available for Android and iOS. This makes it even easier to chat with travelers and confirm them on Worldpackers!

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