Saving turtles: a unique worldpackers experience in Panama!

How my wife and I ended up saving baby turtles and why you should do it as well


Hi people all over the world!

My name is Fabio, I am 21 years old, and right now I am on a trip with my wife! We are traveling from the United States to Argentina, where some of her family lives. We decided to travel with Worldpackers to have a different and hopefully awesome experience, rather than just a “normal” vacation.

So I want to share our first Worldpackers experience with you. It was on an island called Isla Cañas, in the southwest of the beautiful country of Panama. The Hostel is called "Hostal Pachamama", and is located on a very long island. There is a small village 30 minutes away by foot. The only way to get off the island is by boat, which is very expensive. So we stayed there for 5 weeks with more or less no contact with people other than the owner of the hostel, Patricio, and 2 other people who were working there.

The Hostel has a program to save sea turtles. So part of our job was to walk on the beach and find the freshly buried eggs, bring them to a safe place in the hostel, bury them again, and keep them safely there. Their “natural“ enemies are crayfish and dogs, who eat them. And, of course, humans, who sell the eggs as a “delicacy“ (which is illegal). Then, after about 55 days, the baby turtles are born, and we released them into the ocean. During our time on the island, we saw baby turtles going in the water like 10 times, and it’s an incredible experience! One turtle lays between 50 and 150 eggs in the sand, so it was just amazing to see them finding their way in the water and then making it their place to live!

It was one of the greatest experiences we have ever had, and if you ever have the chance to see it, go for it! You won’t regret it!

The relationship with our boss Patricio was very good and we had a lot of fun with him. He had a very very cute dog named “Caipi“(from the drink Caipirinha) that followed me all the time – at the beach, on our way to the village, to the ocean, literally everywhere. During our time, I built some stuff in his garden, played basketball, went kayaking, practiced some surfing and bodyboarding, and read more books than ever before in my life. We had a lot of time for ourselves too, and overall, it was simply an awesome experience, and all of it was made possible through Worldpackers! So a big thank you to the whole team, who made all of this a reality. If you have the chance, choose to go on a travel experience with Worldpackers, you will have an awesome time! Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

Fabio Putzke - @fabio_berlin_96

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