7 simples ways to reduce your money spending to travel longer

Find out how you reduce your spending when you're traveling by simply changing a few of your habits.




Nov 15, 2018


Worldpackers is an incredible way to save money when it comes to long-term traveling. But if you want to travel longer, there is no secret, you have to make your savings last longer. 

So here’s, from my personal experience, the best ways to reduce your spending when you travel.

7 best ways to reduce your spending when you travel

1. Compare

Which flight is the cheapest? Should you visit this town going by bus or by train? Which restaurants have the best value for your money? 

They are so many websites to compare everything today. So never buy the first ticket your find and always take the time to compare and be flexible about your dates. 

Then, once in your destinations, the best way to know about the best deals town is to talk with locals, so don’t be shy and ask!

2. No Shopping

Shopping shouldn’t be one of your activities during your Worldpackers experience. Not only because your bag is probably already full, but also because it’s a big source of spending. You should only buy the necessary (like hygiene items for example). 

If you’re in need of new cloth, my advice to find the cheapest one is to go to a thrift shopping. They're always fun and cheap!

3. Free walking tours

Yes, they are free! 

Well, is nice and polite to give a tip at the end if you enjoyed the tour. But even with a generous tip, they will still be cheaper than a walking tour with fees (except if you’re really generous). 

They are a very good way to visit the highlights of a city, know about its history and also to meet other backpackers!

4. Don’t abuse of taxi or uber

Instead of calling a taxi to go from the airport, bus station or train station to your destination, try to use public transportation. 

It can be a tiny bit intimidating when you just arrive in a country, especially if you don’t speak the local language. But it’s most of the time it’s very easy. 

If you have a host, just ask him! He will explain to you how to get there easily. 

Trust me, you will save a crazy amount of money by avoiding getting a taxi or an uber. 

Once in your destination, in order to explore different places, you should walk whenever you can! It seems cheaper when you buy your bus tickets, but at the end of your trip, public transportation can become a huge amount of your budget. 

Walking will also allow you to discover some cools places that you'd never see by bus!

5. Cook a lot

It’s really tempting to go eat out everyday when traveling, which is ok if you only gonna be on the road for a couple of days or weeks.

But it would get very expensive if you going to be traveling long term. Cooking your meals and only eating out once in a while as you would do in your “normal life” should also become your daily routine when traveling.

6. Don’t be afraid to skip some big tourist attraction

“You went to Paris and didn’t go on top of the Eiffel Tower?!” 

It almost feels like travelers have a pressure to do the tourist attraction wherever they go. But sometimes, they are what they are: tourist trap, expensive and boring. 

Before you visit one, it makes sense to double-check it and see if it’s actually worth your money. Again, your host is probably a local or has been living around enough to know which attractions are worth it and which ones you should avoid.

7. Reduce the booze

Yes I know, it’s a hard one. 

But alcohol is never cheap, and by reducing your consommation, you will save an important amount of money. 

When you're traveling, it’s very easy to start drinking, even if it's just a cup, in a lot of occasions. It seems like you always have an excuse to share a beer, but by keeping it more occasional, not only your wallet will thank you, but also your liver.

As you can see, there are no magic trick or big sacrifices, but by being a little bit careful you will be able to save a considerable amount of money, enough to extend your trip! 




Nov 15, 2018

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