First time traveling? It’s scary!

Worldpackers' top adventure bloggers talk about their first time traveling.

Sometimes the hardest part is taking the first step, finding your location and booking your trip! The exciting emotions, the sense of the unknown and the craving for adventure. It’s easy to become overwhelmed looking online and see incredible people having endless amazing experiences - but we have to remember, they all started somewhere!

In a world full of exciting experiences shared through blogs and social media, we decided to make it easy for you. We reached out to our favorite adventure bloggers of 2017 to hear more about their first adventure.

Louis FunForLouis


Louis - Fun For Louis

Louis lives the absolute dream which he shared with us through his amazing videos. He has the ability to connect to everyone, from people with a real sense for travel and adventure to those who never saw themselves leaving home - after watching just one of Louis’ vlogs he will have you entranced with a world of community and experience you may never have known existed. Not only that, he recently spent time flying around the world in a small plane filming Fly Beyond Borders, a documentary intending to break down borders, illustrate how small our world really is, and encourage others to travel and explore

Louis remembers his first adventure from when he just 14 years old! He traveled with his family to Malaysia, Sumatra and Indonesia.

“It was absolutely incredible. I had never experienced anything like it before! It was such a massive culture shock. We arrived with no plans and no hotels booked but just had such an incredible adventure! We went jungle trekking and ended up in the craziest situation. I guess that is what sparked my passion for travel and interest in the world at an early age.”

Stay up to date with Louis adventures! Follow him on Youtube and @funforlouis on Instagram!

Jess Wandering.Jess


Jess - Jess Wandering

Meet Jess Dales - the ultimate adventurer! She has an amazing photography talent and shares the story behind her images with meaningful words and insightful stories. Encompassing real experiences, Jess shares tales of beautiful wilderness and culture which is not to be missed.

Jess had her first adventure in her 3rd year of university, studying abroad in Australia! She shares with us:

“I almost didn’t get on my flight to Australia, but when the van finally rounded the last turn on the long dirt road to the campus, I saw the view and knew there was no chance I was leaving that forest the same person as when I arrived. When I returned home, I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” But I did know, that I never wanted to lose that sense of awe and adventure that I felt in that strange place on the other side of the world.”

Check out Jess’s blog and follow her on Instagram @jess.wandering!

Stevo and Chanel - HowFarAwayFromHome


Stevo and Chanel - How Far From Home

How can you not fall in love with Stevo and Chanel? They are just awesome. The way they share their stories with us, it makes us feel like we are not only their audience, but their friends. We want to go on a trip with them. Not only do they offer the best tips for traveling on a budget they even created a course to help you do it!

Stevo and Chanel’s first travel experience together was a time they went up to Alta, a tiny town at the top of Norway (within the Arctic Circle).

“We were fresh into our sabbatical / digital nomad lifestyle, and it's a time we will never forget. We decided to drive up to the North Cape at 71 degrees North (the highest point in Europe) in a green ’82 Mitsubishi kombi. We were passengers with our new friends, Stefan and Stephy in the front, and a gorgeous white Siberian Husky named Mansi, in the back. I remember it being 1:03am on May 30th, and the sun was not even remotely close to setting…in fact, the next time this town would see darkness would be July 28th. Our bags were packed with local Norwegian beer, camera gear, woolen undergarments (which we wore later in our four-season sleeping bags), and sausages (that we poked with sticks we found, and placed on a flame from a fire we started later that evening / early morning). The views out the windows ranged from snow-capped fjords, crisp arctic rivers, lakes and the Atlantic ocean, innovative underwater tunnels, rocky mountains and occasional sightings of reindeer and sea eagles. It was an evening (and experience) to remember.”

Check out the How Far From Home site and follow them @HowFarFromHome!

Kristin Addis - BeMyTravelMuse


Kristin - Be My Travel Muse

Yes please! Kristin created her blog Be My Travel Muse and we are forever thankful for it. She empowers women traveling alone and has done absolutely everything - Kristin has you covered with all adventure planning. She writes in a way that walks you through exactly what you need to know and covers any questions you may have before you can even think of them!

Kristin’s first adventure was with a one-way ticket to South East Asia - how cool is that!
“I headed to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, met an amazing crew at my hostel, and we rented bicycles and cycled all around the temples at sunset. I'll never forget sitting at the top of one of them as the sun went down, nobody else around. It was ours.”

Keep up with Kristin on her site and follow her @BeMyTravelMuse!

Jonny Don’t Stop Living


Jonny - Don’t Stop Living

Where do you even begin with Jonny? What a travelspiration he is! Jonny has hit up over 150 countries and over 850 settlements. Not only does he share with us every destination under the sun, he goes deeper to tell us about working in crazy places. His real niche is remote towns, unrecognised countries, wacaday republic's, disputed regions, self-proclaimed countries, special zones and pure fire Micronations. It is the ultimate, real, back-packing encyclopedia!

Jonny’s first experience was nothing short of crazy. It was when he was aged 11 and embarked on a trip to the Netherlands with his school.

“In those days, Jonny was just happy to be free, travelling without parents and seeing new countries. It gave him a flavour for travel which later saw him develop a wanderlust for global travel, culminating on a 150 country journey around the world the last 15 years to countries such as Ethiopia, Senegal, El Salvador, Poland, Afghanistan and North Korea. As well as this Jonny also visits remote islands, disputed countries and micronations such as Uzupis, Karakalpakstan, Kashubia, Gibraltar, Sark and Nagorno Karabakh. Jonny runs travel blogs in several niches and is never far from another crazy adventure."

Check out Jonny’s blog here and follow his adventures at @JonnyDontStopLiving

Marta - InFarAwayLand


Marta - In Far Away Land

Talk about adventure, well Marta is the expert with 12 years experience under her belt! When it comes to New Zealand, Australia, Iceland and Canada, be prepared to immerse yourself in a world of amazing images and have your trip already planned for you. Marta creates itineraries for us, based on recommendations and beautiful images which will have you inspired to experience for yourself!

Her first crazy travel adventure is one to remember! She shares her story of backcountry camping in -16 degrees Celsius where she was:

“In an area containing one of the highest concentration of grizzly bear in the Canadian Rockies is not everyone's idea of a holiday. Well it is mine! Especially when it includes views of Mount Assiniboine. The weather in the mountains can however be treacherous. It was the end of the summer, but the temperature was adequate to what winter is like in my home country, Poland. I spent the majority of the first night shivering in the tent, trying to think of one good reason why I’ve put myself in this situation. It was certainly a good reminder to always come prepared.”

See Marta’s itineraries and more here, follow her @InFarAwayLand!



Alesha and Jarryd - Nomadasaurus

Alesha and Jarryd are two Aussie legends who are continually making us jealous with their adventures and stories! They have incredible content on travelers who crave adventure, even those with a special desire for overland travel. The amazing travel two give you incredible insight into planning your trip with really cool recommendations, making sure you have everything you need before you embark on your next journey!

Their first adventure is amazing, imagine driving across Canada in a 1986 Chevy Van named Latoya! The couple shares with us their story of their first adventure together in 2008:
Despite being on the verge of death most days, we managed to drive her nearly 40'000km from BC all the way to Newfoundland and back, never paying for accommodation once. We were completely broke but had the most amazing time ever. Van life in Canada set ourselves up for the next 9 years on the road, and we still think fondly about the good old days living on peanut butter sandwiches and parking up anywhere we could.

Check out their site and follow them @Nomadasaurus!

Charli - WanderlustersUK


Charli - Wanderlusters UK

Charli has a story that inspires us all to do more of what she does and her site is an encyclopedia of travel wisdom. She quit her job, moved out of her flat and embarked on a one-way ticket to adventure - leaving it to fate to decide where this would take her. Her sense for adventure is what makes her blog so exciting and so resourceful!

Charli’s first adventure is the perfect example of why we all need to take that first leap of faith, turning from what was supposed to be a 2 week stay into 1 year! Her first adventure took her to the island of Nevis in the Caribbean where she shares with us:

"An island relatively unknown to most who visit the region, it is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. Without a single traffic light nor even a hint of rush hour madness (unless you count the donkeys and goats that wander rouge along the asphalt), I quickly learned that you survive there you need to heed the advice of the locals and ‘rush slowly. Needless to say I enjoyed the opportunity to relax, my two-week trip turned into a one year stay."

See Charli’s blog here and follow her @WanderlustersUK!

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