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15 travel experiences to help you learn Spanish for free

Where can you go and what can you do to learn Spanish for free while traveling the world? Read on for 15 incredible Worldpackers experiences that give you that opportunity.


Jul 03, 2023


travel experiences to help you learn Spanish for free

Why learn a new language while traveling?

Before we get to exactly how to learn Spanish for free while traveling, let's talk about why learning Spanish can help you on the road.

Doors will open for you.

Let's be honest. It's a lot easier to extend a helping hand or share a unique part of your culture with someone who has the same vocabulary as you do. 

When you know the local language, even a little bit of it, you'll be more likely to experience local culture, befriend locals, eat at authentic restaurants, and...

You can never be really lost again.

When you learn the local language, you're only a quick conversation away from getting back on track. I'd argue that "where is" might be the most important travel phrase to learn in a new language, right after "please", "thank you", and "bathroom."

You'll have more confidence.

When you can read the signs (literally), you'll naturally be more confident while traveling. Navigating a metro station or sticky social situation is much, much easier when you know the local language. You can learn some of these skills with resources like Babbel, but nothing replaces in-person language experience

You'll have something to show for your adventures.

Sometimes, it's hard to justify a plane ticket and a break from "normal life." For many, learning a language gives purpose to their travels and can help strengthen your resume when it's time to return to the job market.

Why choose to learn Spanish for free while traveling?

Let me just share a few Spanish-related truths with you.

So you're sold on learning Spanish for free and fast while you travel. 

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Here are the 15 best Worldpackers travel experiences to help you learn Spanish for free:

You might be asking yourself "where can I learn Spanish for free?" Just about any Spanish speaking country you can think of will do the trick. 

I've highlighted a few of the countries that offer the most opportunities to learn Spanish for free on Worldpackers.

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Worldpackers opportunities to learn Spanish in Mexico:

1. Practice Spanish while learning to surf in Sayulita

Learn Spanish for free in Sayulita, Mexico

Join this top host in Sayulita, Mexico. Help out at their highly rated hostel, located just one block from the beach. You'll be able to learn to surf while practicing your Spanish.

2. Practice Spanish while learning all about Mexican cooking in Tecolutla

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Learn all about Mexican cooking at this top-rated Worldpackers host experience in Tecolutla, Mexico. Learn all about the Spanish language while you help in the kitchen and serve glamping guests their morning meal. 

3. Practice speaking Spanish with a local community of artists in Mexico City

Learn Spanish for free in Mexico City, Mexico

If you've got an artistic streak, consider joining this artist's community and hostel in Mexico City for a while. You'll perfect your grasp on the Spanish language while exploring your art skills (and supporting the artists you'll inevitably be surrounded by). 

Worldpackers opportunities to learn Spanish in Guatemala:

4. Learn Spanish while tending to a cacao plantation and tropical garden in Semuc Champey

Learn Spanish for free in Semuc Champey, Guatemala

If you're a chocoholic, consider working at the source! A cacao plantation and tropical garden awaits you in Semuc Champey, Guatemala. This opportunity welcomes people with only English language experience or a basic level of Spanish, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to learn as you tend to the plants with your fellow volunteers. 

5. Practice speaking Spanish while working as a driver for a stunning eco lodge in Semuc Champey

Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Are you a keen driver? No stranger to being a handy helper? Put those skills to use for an eco lodge in Semuc Chamey, Guatemala. You'll have a chance to learn some practical Spanish as you discover how to learn Spanish for free while traveling. 

6. Learn Spanish for free while volunteering as a yoga teacher in Semuc Champey

Learn Spanish for free while volunteering in Guatemala

If you are a trained yoga teacher, join the team at this eco lodge. You'll be giving two lessons a day in English, but there will be plenty of time to learn Spanish while you're living in beautiful Guatemala. 

Worldpackers opportunities to learn Spanish in Spain:

7. Practice Spanish while helping out at a top-rated hostel in Granada

Learn Spanish for free in Granada, Spain

While the dialect is a little different in Spain, it's still a great place to learn Spanish for free. Join this laidback hostel in Granada, Spain. Whether you're organizing tapas tours or team dinners, you'll be interacting and learning Spanish from guests and locals alike. 

8. Learn Spanish while staying at a family-run guesthouse on the Camino de Santiago route

Learn Spanish in Spain

Named one of the best Worldpackers hosts of 2019, this family business situated along the famous Camino de Santiago path is an amazing place to practice your Spanish skills and meet friendly faces from around the world. 

9. Learn Spanish while developing your media skills in beautiful Tarifa

Learn Spanish for free in Tarifa, Spain

If you'd like to practice photography, videography, or social media management while you travel and learn Spanish, this opportunity in seaside Tarifa, Spain could be just right for you. 

Worldpackers opportunities to learn Spanish in Colombia:

10. Practice Spanish while helping low-income children in Facatativá

Learn Spanish in Colombia

They say that you can learn a lot from children. That can't be truer when it comes to language learning. Join this social impact project in Facatativá, Colombia telling stories or running art workshops for low-income children. As they learn English, you'll find out how to learn Spanish for free and fast. 

11. Practice Spanish while manning the reception at a trendy hostel in Bogota

Learn Spanish for free in Bogota, Colombia

If you're a night owl, this opportunity to be a night receptionist in bustling Bogota, Colombia might be perfect for you. 

Worldpackers opportunities to learn Spanish in Chile:

12. Hone your Spanish speaking skills while helping with hostel maintenance and administration in Puerto Varas

Learn Spanish in Chile

This top-rated host in Puerto Varas, Chile is interested in sharing cultures. With an attitude like that, there's no way you'll return home without learning some Spanish. 

13. Practice Spanish while helping out at a homey hostel in the heart of Santiago

Learn Spanish for free in Santiago, Chile

Join this homey hostel in Santiago and you'll be joining a family of travelers and locals committed to caring for each other and helping one another grow towards your goals. If that goal is to learn Spanish for free while traveling, look no further. 

Worldpackers opportunities to learn Spanish in Peru:

14. Learn Spanish while working with animals in the Peruvian Andes Valley

Learn Spanish in Peru

Are you an animal lover? Volunteer at this zoo in the Peruvian Andes valley. While the animals might not help you learn Spanish, the guests and hosts certainly will! 

15. Practice Spanish while volunteering as a teacher's aid in a traditional Peruvian tribe

Learn Spanish for free in Peru

If you travel for cultural enrichment, this opportunity to join a traditional Peruvian tribe as a teacher's aid might be hard to pass up. You'll be helping with homework and teaching your language, which inevitably allows you to practice Spanish as well. 

How have you learned a language for free while traveling?

Tell us your best tips for learning Spanish on the go below! 

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