Traveling with Worldpackers: your top 5 questions answered

The beginning of the year is the best time to start planning your volunteer experience abroad. Let me tell you why using Worldpacker is the most efficient and safe way to do it.



Jan 24, 2019

I'm just a regular guy like you who decided to save money, quit his job, leave his comfort zone, grabbed his backpack full of dreams and went to ex...


This amazing community started with travelers like me, travelers like you, who decided that they wanted to actually live, and not just go along with what we tend to think is the best and stable life. 

So thanks to these free men who were willing to learn more about the world, now we have Worldpackers, a very safe way to get in contact with many hosts that offer work exchange and volunteer opportunities all around the world. 

In this article, I'll do my best to answer the main questions I got from travelers considering using Worldpackers on their next trips.

1. Do I have to pay to use Worldpackers? 

Yes, there's a payment required to send your applications but not to surf through the opportunities you'd be applying to. So, in order to contact hosts from the community, you buy an Annual Membership that will give access to all Worldpackers hosts for a whole year. 

This fee is absolutely nothing if you take a tiny second to think on how much you will actually save! 

You'll find all the information you need to know about the Worldpackers Membership here.

2. Is the payment worth it? 

Definitely. Worldpackers, besides connecting you with hosts from all over the world, they offer you assistance from a Support Team who you can chat with at any time you need. 

Also, once you start your first adventure you would be able to apply to become an Expert of the community. They have different programs like Experts, Bloggers, and Videomakers that will help you make some extra cash on your trip.

For you to really understand how worth it actually this is, just take a look of how much I've saved since started traveling by the hand of Worldpackers:

  • A trip to New York, NY - Approximately money saved in accommodation: USD 2,000
  • A trip to Venice, Italy - Approximately money saved in accommodation: €1,470

And the money saved, even tho is important when we're on a budget, is actually the last thing you'll be grateful for when traveling and collaborating.

All the experiences you can have and all the people you meet... You will never ever be able to compare them with the money you're saving. I can assure you that ; )

3. Can I apply to a position with my friend?

Yes, you can do it. You'll just need to apply separately and always let the host know you're applying with your friend. You can send the same introduction letter also. 

If the host has two vacancies available for the dates you're applying to and likes your profiles you won't have any problem with it.

4. I can only apply if I have good skills for something? 

Not necessarily. Some hosts are looking for certain skills but not all of them. So you can apply to work at a hostel or participate in a social project without any experience as I did. 

Hosts will provide you some training before you start, so don't worry. All you need is understanding what is behind this sort of collaboration, having a good attitude and give all your best. We can always learn new things and that is one of the Worldpackers'main values, so go for it: challenge yourself to learn something new.

5. What do I get from Worldpackers when applying to a volunteer opportunity?

  • You get help from their Support Team that will guide you along the whole process of your trip 
  • The security of a real host as they check and approve every host that joins the community 
  • The benefice of the Worldpackers Insurance which, in case the host does not abide by what it was agreed, Worldpackers will help you find another host nearby.

That's it! Hope you've had your main questions about Worldpackers answered. If something is still not clear to you, just comment below or send me a message. I'd be happy to help you travel and have the experience of your life : )



Jan 24, 2019

I'm just a regular guy like you who decided to save money, quit his job, leave his comfort zone, grabbed his backpack full of dreams and went to ex...

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