2 weeks vacation in South America for free? It is possible!

Limited vacation time and on a budget too? We’ve set aside some of the best hosts for short stays from all over South America where you can help out in exchange for accommodation on your next trip!


Sep 18, 2018

Eu tenho uma confissão: não sei exatamente qual é minha profissão. Sempre que vou no médico faço um rodízio entre comunicóloga (não existe fora do ...

Machu Picchu

Even with a short holiday vacation it’s possible to have an unforgettable trip through South America. There are a lot of options to help for just a few hours a day in exchange for free accommodation.

Hostels, homestays, NGOs and eco-projects are just waiting for you to collaborate with them in their spaces and transform your life as well as theirs.

There’s nothing like getting to know a city like a local, discovering the best place to eat early on the first day, having company to take walks with, exchanging experiences with other travelers, getting to know the local culture better, learning a new skill, and above all, saving money for the next trip (or to travel longer).

We’ve selected hosts that have great reputations on Worldpackers. They all accept short stays of two weeks, but you also can negotiate more time with each one.

PS: Some social projects charge a small fee for your stay. Check out the details and information about your host in each link ;)

This is a list of 10 Worldpackers hosts where you can enjoy your vacation in South America:

  1. Pousada Jacarandá - Trancoso - Bahia - Brazil
  2. 70 30 Hostel - Buenos Aires - Argentina
  3. Hostel Cosmo Elqui - La Serena - Chile
  4. Be King Hostel - Rosario - Argentina
  5. Floripa Surf Hostel - Florianopolis - Santa Catarina - Brazil
  6. Varsana Eco Yoga Village - Granada - Colombia
  7. Aracy Hostel - Paraty - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  8. Llama loka Hostel - San Pedro De Atacama - Chile
  9. Peru Peru Volunteering - Huancayo - Peru
  10. Maraga Beach Hostel - Maragogi - Alagoas - Brazil

1. Trancoso - Bahia: explore beaches and discover the best of Brazil

The Pousada Jacarandá is for nature lovers. Family owned and operated, it is located in Trancoso, peak of heavenly beaches. You can contribute by helping in reception, gardening, kitchen help and painting and decor. Breakfast is free. Just four hours of collaboration a day and one day off each week to enjoy the discounts in partner hostel restaurants in the region. And still come back from vacation with renewed energy!

  • Number of reviews: 33
  • Good for: women, young travelers, couples, first time worldpackers.
  • Who has been there:

2. Palermo - Buenos Aires: the best location

Best location there is: Palermo, the coolest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. You collaborate with hostel 70 30 for 24 hours a week with two free days per week, in different activities like: cleaning, reception, taking care of and organizing things and doing the night shift. In exchange, besides your stay, you get discounts on restaurants, tours, parties on the strip, and of course, a good breakfast.

  • Number of reviews: 22
  • Good for: solo and/or young travelers, partiers, first time worldpackers.
  • Who has been there:

3. La Serena - Chile: life on the beach

The Hostel Cosmo Elqui is just a few meters from the beach. They offer breakfast and two days off per week for you to enjoy, while you collaborate by helping at the bar, cleaning and housekeeping. The building is well decorated with a cozy atmosphere and the top floor has a deck overlooking the beach. For those that still have not yet experienced the wonder of seeing the sunset from the pacific, this is the perfect place!

  • Number of reviews: 19
  • Good for: solo and/or young travelers, partiers, first time worldpackers.
  • Who has been there: 

4. Rosario - Argentina: explore more city

The city of Rosario is close to the capital and is birthplace to Che Guevara. It’s on the banks of the Parana river and has many options for nice walks. The Hostel Be King gives you four free days to explore the attractions of the region. In exchange, you help with cleaning, general care and the night shift doing reception. They offer breakfast and various discounts, from drinks to parties and pubs in the city. You still can use their kitchen to cook other meals.

  • Number of reviews: 30
  • Good for: solo-travelers, partiers, beginner and expert worldpackers.
  • Who has been there:

5. Floripa - Santa Catarina: for surfers and artists

The Floripa Surf Hostel is receiving surf lovers and nature nuts to help with painting murals, decorating, general cleaning and reception. Access to 200 meters of the Campeche beach, international surf point, the family in charge offers two free days per week, discounts on parties and tours and the best: bikes at the worldpackers’ disposal to freely get to know the extent of the “island of magic”.

  • Number of reviews: 30
  • Good for: surfers, beach goers, couples and experienced worldpackers (they prefer that you’ve already had an experience).
  • Who has been there:

6. Granada - Colômbia: eco villa with yoga

Opportunity to know more about eco villas, bioconstruction, natural nutrition, meditation and hatha yoga. In the Varsana Eco Yoga Village you can exchange accommodation and three meals (plus a new family) for helping in the vegetarian kitchen, organic gardening, construction, maintenance and building decor, helping with animals and photography for social networks. There will be no lack of activity between yoga classes and meditation.

  • Number of reviews: 21
  • Good for: hippies and builders, esoterics, couples and yogis.
  • Who has been there:

7. Paraty - Rio de Janeiro: history and culture in paradise

Paraty is a must-see in Brazil. The colonial city on Rio’s coast has plenty of history to tell, is home to many events throughout the year (the majority with free entry) and still has a hundred beaches and waterfalls. The Aracy Hostel receives worldpackers interested in helping with cleaning, housekeeping, reception and cooking. You work 30 hours per week, with one day for rest and sun tanning. They offer breakfast, discounts on drinks and will pick you up upon arrival.

  • Number of reviews: 25
  • Good for: solo females, solo-travelers, couples, hiking lovers (Paraty has infinite trails).
  • Who has been there:

8. San Pedro de Atacama - Chile: sightseeing tours

One of the best advantages of traveling with Worldpackers is the discount on tours. San Pedro de Atacama has diverse options for different excursions which is great because, as we know, Chile doesn’t have the best prices. This is the triumphant Llama Loka hostel. Besides the discounts on tours, they also have them for parties, clubs and events in the city. They are currently needing help with construction and repairs and have accepted travelers for more than 20 years.

  • Number of reviews: 14
  • Good for: adventurers, solo travelers, couples, and lovers of mountain trails and unusual landscapes.
  • Who has been there:

9. Huancayo - Peru: cultural immersion with purpose

Want to get to know the culture of Peru better? Visit Inca ruins, teach workshops and classes and be in constant daily contact with children from communities and facilitators? Do you like taking care of rescue animals? The scope of the Peru Peru Volunteering project is very wide and you will certainly have a lot to offer. It’s a non-profit made up of residents interested in providing a higher level of childhood education. Your accommodation is just five minutes from the city center of Huancayo, that has many attractions. They offer breakfast and lunch. For 20 hours per week and 2 days off to rest, you can offer help in general social work and language teaching.

  • Number of reviews: 13
  • Good for: college students in search of experiences for school, couples, travelers empathetic to the local community, doctors and medical school students.
  • Who has been there:

10. Maragogi - Alagoas: stellar hostel right in front of the beach

The well rated Maraga Beach Hostel receives worldpackers that want to give a helping hand in the kitchen, reception, cleaning and housekeeping. They offer breakfast, kitchen to make other meals, surfboards for free and three days free in exchange for 24 hours of help per week. The hostel is right in front of Maragogi beach, the region with great beaches to practice snorkeling and surfing.

  • Number of reviews: 30
  • Good for: solo-travelers, couples, surfers and beach lovers
  • Who has been there:

Still not sure what to choose? Check out the complete list of hosts that accept travelers for short stays in South America on the Worldpackers site! And happy travels!


Sep 18, 2018

Eu tenho uma confissão: não sei exatamente qual é minha profissão. Sempre que vou no médico faço um rodízio entre comunicóloga (não existe fora do ...

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