Volunteer girls: a sisterhood to help and empower our dreams

I'm from a small city in the South of Brazil, and since my childhood I have been dreaming about doing something great. But you know, sometimes, being the first one to do that really different thing is not easy, especially if you were raised to be a 'good girl', what meant to get a respectable job, find a husband and have kids.


Oct 10, 2018

Journalist and specialist in Marketing. I've just decided to celebrate my 30 years old traveling the world, so because of that my friend and I crea...

 Ana during one of her trips

Of course there is not a problem if that is your plan, don't get me wrong, but sometimes a woman has completely different dreams for herself.

Then, I was 28 years old. I had two specialization degrees, a wonderful job as a manager, an apartment, a good car, nice trip on vacations, and the commun next step would be find that nice husband. 

But what about that great thing I had always dreamed about?

So, I decided: I have to do something different with my life. And so I did what any smart girl would do: I googled it! :D 

With a lot of hope in my heart, but thinking that it would be impossible, I searched for 'travel around the world' and, in the first results, I found about work exchange and the Worldpackers. 

OMG! That's exactly what I was looking for!

However, I had a lot of doubts and fears: What if I can't get the visas to enter in the countries? What if I'm robbed, or worst, rapped? What if I spend more money than my budget? What if I have to go back to Brazil without a job? 

In these moments, however, nothing better than find inspiration in other people experiences, and a friend, a girl who was traveling alone for years, told me something really nice: 'If you are afraid about something, this is not a reason for not going. Just prepare yourself better for handling these specific difficulties'. 

Totally smart, right?

So, nine months later, I was ready to go. Struggling with my fears, I chose to start my trip around the world in the United States, a safe and developed country, and for which I already had a visa.

Attracted by the beauty of American Niagara Falls, I chose the Wanderfalls Hostel to start my journey. 

And I couldn't have chosen better! 

The Wanderfalls is a small and cozy hostel, and the volunteers have a special apartment for themselves. The tasks are easy to do, and the schedule is set previously in the beginning of each week, so it's possible to organize the free time to visit the falls and parks or the nearby cities.

During these three weeks there, I met people from 14 different countries, and the best part about it was that a lot of them were also women traveling around the world. 

Independent, brave, smart and kind, they have been traveling to many countries, looking for self-awareness, adventures and for a new way to write their own stories. 

Beside the cultural exchange, in our days together, we established a strong friendship, what means we are not alone in the world anymore! Now we have a 'sisterhood' to exchange knowledgment and help each other.

 Ana in tourist spot

Like me, a lot of girls that I met are from countries in development, and I really believe that together, we can contribute to change women's perspective around the world.

With my friend Josiele Baron, also a worldpacker, we created this project called '30 on the road', a kind of an online diary, where we write about being a woman in the 30's (ou around that) and traveling the world.

And as I said, we really want to make the difference in the world, and because of that, we are working in a paralel project focused on Brazilian teenagers. We developed some classes and we also join video chattings to talk with them about opportunities around the world, the importance of the big dreams, etc.

We hope that, with this project, we can inspire other girls to empower themselves, and in the same way as us, that they discover how great our world is.

Right now I'm spending some time in North America, and the big plan is to keep traveling to South America, Oceania, Asia, South Africa and Europe, in a trip that probably will take the next two or three years. 

Fortunately, now with this sisterhood and the help of the new friends with even less fear.


Oct 10, 2018

Journalist and specialist in Marketing. I've just decided to celebrate my 30 years old traveling the world, so because of that my friend and I crea...

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