You can make a difference: why you should volunteer abroad

Learn why the best way to spend part of your year is doing volunteer work around the world , what kind of opportunities are out there, and what you need to know in preparation for and during your trip as a volunteer.



Steph is a freelance content creator, artist, traveler and dreamer. She has traveled to 12 countr...

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Nov 01, 2018


Your vacation time is your own, free for you to do what you want with it. You could chill at home, log extra hours at work, or travel near or far. 

What if you took that longing you have to travel internationally and made it into the trip of a lifetime not just for you, but also for someone else? Even help an entire community with your vacation! The world is moving in the direction of change and sustainability, will you join the movement?

Why you should volunteer abroad

  • Learning opportunities are endless. Humanitarian work helps you as a person just as much as those you are helping.
  • Aligns with your interests. If you have a passion for helping and an interest in other cultures and the way people who are very different than you live their lives, this is the opportunity for you. You’ll probably find that we are all not that different from each other.
  • And last but not least, it’s cheap! You’ll be able to stay for free in exchange for the volunteer work you do. This form of budget travel changes your life as well as the lives of others – nothing to regret about that!

nepal is one of the most recommend places to do volunteer work abroad

What kind of work opportunities are available?

volunteers can teach English abroad to children in Peru

Some helpful do’s and don’ts while volunteering and lending a helping hand abroad


Treat this as an exotic personal vacation

  • This will be an adventure of a lifetime, but only if you are willing to not be wrapped up in yourself and your own wants and needs.

Expect perfection or for it to be super easy

  • Traveling and working abroad entails many factors that don’t always go as planned and may take a toll on you in ways you weren’t expecting.
  • Know that everything has a solution and all you have to do is communicate with those around you to find it. Remember, our community is here to help you!


  • If there is something telling you to take the leap and go for it and it scares you at the same time – that means you should do it!
  • Don’t let your brain get in the way of what you know deep down you want to do.


Be open to doing things in a new way

  • You may be assigned a task that you already know how to do but your host wants you to do it differently. Give their way a try and just see what happens!

Be open to new people and places

  • Leave your comfort zone at home and drink in all this experience has to give you. It’s not about you, but you will gain so much more than you ever realized.

Apply apply apply!

  • Get accepted, book your ticket, and GO. What are you waiting for?

vietnam is one of the places where you can volunteer around the world with worldpackers

I hope learning a little about why you should volunteer around the world, what kinds of opportunities are out there and some things that you should and should not do has inspired you to take action. 

If you spend even two weeks of your 2018 volunteering abroad, it will add an incredible experience to your year like nothing else can! Let your time and skills be used around the world and who knows, you just might change it. 



Steph is a freelance content creator, artist, traveler and dreamer. She has traveled to 12 countr...

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Nov 01, 2018

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