hand and the ocean

History is a galaxy of outlined bridges between retrogressive layers and blue spotless sky, buried untimely. We have built a sense of being that is valuable itself because of a core main asset: dignity, and a band of underlying rights to grant it.

However, the actual enforcement deserves less enthusiasm.

Inside most of the borders, social justice is a pretty phrase in quotes and despite pledges and crisis, most guarantees are secluded to a quarter of the world. Women gather the worst lot: twice unfairly allocated, and today we hold deep silence to respond the other three quarters.

Females worldwide are more prone to be in disadvantage as regards hunger and undernourishment, access to education, lack of opportunities, sanitary resources and basic health assistance. In the developing countries –also the most populated– we are likely to go through problems traditionally related to women (such as precarious delivering, early marriage, harassment, domestic abuse and poor employment positions) and the rest of the matters, affecting both men and women, under the toughest conditions. There, life can turn to be a race from crib to cemetery at a drab ruthless rhythm.

Being limited from the very outset seems clearly unfair but we remain resilient to understand and embody women issues, even when we are born women. Instead, we perpetuate a world partially parted, apathetic and disconnected, where voicelessness is regarded shallowly as a plain precondition and potential doesn’t determine your trace.

We still need to see famine so we believe there is hunger. We need red stains on our garments to despise how they’re made. We need to cradle our dog to stand against cruelty. We need to wear foreign dresses to respect other customs. We need to walk barefoot to weigh what sharpness may be. We need the front steps to flood to mind our environmental trail. We need our ground to be rocked to regret war industry.

But future starts in your shoes.

 man lying on the road

Encouraging exchange, sharing the same purpose and trying to set up an environment where we have equal opportunities for living the same experiences, not just regarding gender but wealth and location, is not utopia.

Travelling will be painting your dreads blue. Changing limits for framed mirrors. Going along with yourself and pushing your wingspan further. A ride on solid steps. Understanding what has been crimson and dull. Taking off your scales. An echo for your stream. Opening yourself to lean, dive and breathe. A step towards self-esteem, empathy and inner growth. A look straight up sunshine. A tingle for a lifetime and a vow for every day. Colour back to your reef. Finger tips on the river. Fresh water through your core roots. Scarlet courage to embrace. Growing flowers in your pores. Pouring the sea on your feet. Purpose on your foundations.

It doesn’t matter your shape.

What’s the extent of your dreams?



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Mar 30, 2018

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