Why is it safe to confirm travelers on the platform?


Knock! Knock! Who’s there?

We were doing an exercise to better understand the motivations of hosts when selecting travelers. So we made this list of differences between Worldpackers travelers and surprise travelers (walk-ins, emails, Facebook messages, etc.).


-They are looking for a place where they can travel, learn and collaborate.

-You can check their profile, endorsements, recommendations and can interview them before making a final decision.

-Their arrival and departure dates are already set so you can plan ahead the next staff members. Those short-staffed days are over.

-Goodbyes might be hard, but look at the bright side: they will leave you with a beautiful review so more mind-liked travelers can find your place!

-You can build your reputation as a recommended and desired place to collaborate worldwide (aka http://bit.ly/1QX6USp)


-It might be hard to find previously information about their travel itinerary, background, previous experiences and, most importantly, the purpose of their trip.

-Planning your staff can become a little frustrating as they don’t have a scheduled date to leave. It can also increase the chances of being short-staffed.

-You guys don’t have a place to keep your reviews and recommendations from each other :( And reviews are the most precious way to attract and invite travelers willing to help at your place

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