Why social work?

Though many destinations and travelling itself, deciding where we go and how we spend our time may be a powerful active for change. Through our trips we can understand, encourage to take part, meet people who care and stand for our convictions.



I believe in change. My main motivations are sharing and learning. Photography, writing, reading,...

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Oct 10, 2018


The attempt of a better world was the urge that pulled our predecessors up and brought development and welfare to our days.

Despite time and location, we share a common sense of humankind.

We accomplish the same notions; we hold the same impulses; we build up words and tales; we experience the same feelings; we reap habits and values; we carry signs and knowledge; and we tend to forget we resemble one another more than we differ from each one.

Involvement becomes a need when we can’t ignore the gap raised between people, turning time a precipice which is not getting narrower but worse.

No one feels good about it and sometimes it seems so wide that disarms, mutes and blows.

The outcome may lead to consider what place we want to live in; what performances we back.

We can either dig into or gather our disposition and determine ourselves to try to fill the gap.

Social work is a ride to realize your capacity to make other roots your roots, other streams your river, others’ relieve your purpose.

A turn for commitment, diversity, respect, courage, empathy and friendship.

An intend for a bigger impact and a broader approach.

A trace towards equality and social justice with the immense certainty that we all have a part.

You don’t need special skills. Plain things we give for granted are amazing and encouraging by themselves.

Teaching how to treat each other or writing vowels on a board could lead to open mindsets and prompt fantasy and motivation, while trying to cover lacks of shelter and attention can rescue any child from insecurity and distress.

Though we are temporary or you leave, your colours will do remain.

Wherever your reasons take you, neither need to sacrifice the wavy ocean, the smooth mountain, the bold rift or the blue sky.

Nowadays helping get to be an affix, not a leak, and there’s not better comfort than bringing hope and flourishing for your own while home changes its shade after sunrise.

Going further with no doubt, carrying on confidence, crossing a fence or a border, staring at a kid’s eyes and refurbishing its gloss, rocking lifetime on a swing, writing sparks on palm lines.

Every effort is precious and change, a resolution. Draw the way. Light the spark.

Future is a common place where humanity has been going back and forth but found solace sometimes.

We don’t have to perpetuate the dynamics we traditionally held, and acting accordingly doesn’t regard just governments and organizations.

The world isn’t a frozen stone but a whole constantly shaped and we are not bound to live as split parts: we are iridescent pieces from the same inspiring source.

Intend a different course from a brand-new start. Dust your dreams. Add your motion.

You’ll be paving a road: we always are.



I believe in change. My main motivations are sharing and learning. Photography, writing, reading,...

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Oct 10, 2018

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