Why did I decide to take a gap year abroad?

The answer to this question, is yet profound and simple at the same time.



Viajando e aprendendo a viver de maneira simples.

Oct 10, 2018


I think many of you can relate to the following scenario, you’re at the same job for the last 4 years, it was great at the beginning, you were learning so many new stuff, you’re becoming independent again, after 2 years living in Ireland, you come home and you actually manage to find a job pretty quickly, which was great for me, but I am a person who thrives on challenges, I need it in order to keep myself motivated and productive.

Unfortunately, the company I worked for, was facing some difficulties and apart from being quite squared, they could not do much for me, I think you know what happens next, I am at this big comfort zone, work became robotic, but I am still able to maintain my comfortable life in São Paulo.

I must say that I carried on this situation for over a year, until it became a huge burden.

I wasn’t myself anymore

I believe I had something called the burnout syndrome, in my experience, I completely lost control over my emotions, I stepped away from colleagues I used to be friends with, I was actually grumpy and quite rude sometimes, I cried at the office, I was a mess.

During this period, my personal life was also stuck, I actually looked back on things I did over the past two years and I wasn’t very proud or excited, my life was all about work, home and drinking on happy hours and weekends.

I lost myself a bit, but it was all part of the process, realizing how I was living my life was shocking and also liberating, I had to do something about it or things could go terrible.

That was when the universe sent me a message, you know when waking up in the morning, you don’t want to leave bed and go to work, scrolling Facebook for ages, I saw an ad for a workshop called “Take your gap year abroad”, in Portuguese, “Tire o seu sabático” as I went through the description, I felt very compelled to do it, they said it would be possible to travel for a year with a small amount, that I actually already had in my savings account, so I thought, great, I’ll go tomorrow, then.

Subscribed and attended to this wonderful course Carol Fernandes had prepared with such care and love.

The course gave me the confidence and motivation to actually change my general situation, I had a guide with all the tips one must know if they want to backpack safe and sound.

I’ve done some travelling in my life, but never as a backpacker, as I mentioned before, I lived in Dublin for two years and did some travelling around Europe, short trips mostly and some other trips while on work vacation.

When I felt deep inside of me that quitting my job and my life as it was, was simply what I had to do, things just went smoothly, I explained my boss my situation, he understood and fired me, in Brazil, when that happens, you actually get a reasonable amount of money and summing that to my savings, boom, I had enough money to actually pursue my purpose and see the world at the same time.

Worldpackers became a reality from this point

I always cared about doing social work.

I did some of that while living in Ireland and this was always on the back of my mind.

As I decided to travel around southeast Asia, I went looking to all volunteer opportunities available in Thailand, my starting point.

I found 2 opportunities that seemed like a good fit to me.

First one, teaching English for kids in Bangkok and the other one, general help at a hostel in Ko Pha-ngan.

So basically, I already have 6 weeks of volunteer work with free accommodation and meals included as well, plus having the chance to give back to the community and learning new skills. How cool is that?

For me it’s just what I needed to get my life back on track.

At this very moment, I am already in Bangkok and tomorrow I’ll start working as a volunteer English teacher.

I am so excited and thankful to have this amazing experience. I promise to share it here too.

Stay tuned.





Viajando e aprendendo a viver de maneira simples.

Oct 10, 2018

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