Worldpackers: the perfect joining of Shared Economy with Collaborative Tourism

The Shared Economy has brought many benefits to managers and owners of hostels, inns, hotels and enterprises of the Hotel Industry in general. Examples of businesses that have emerged with the growth of the Shared Economy, Airbnb and Uber, attract more and more people interested in the concept.


Opening the range of Collaborative Tourism, the Worldpackers platform assists you, hosts, in contacting with travelers (or worldpackers) from diverse nationalities. The worldpackers will be able to stay for free at your location and in return, they will contribute their specific skills to something you’ve always wanted to add to your business in an exceptional way.

You can search for travelers with distinct skills like Photographers or Videographers, Musicians, English or Yoga Teachers, Tour Guides and even skills that could help you with Administration, Social Media and Marketing. And during the Low Season, you can use your free beds to bring in foreigners - or even locals - with different backgrounds that will help you to take on new things and innovate. It’s an exchange of experiences in which both sides benefit.

So being part of the Worldpackers Hosts community and getting on the wave of Collaborative Tourism will expand your horizons about collaborative relationships, different ways of entrepreneurship and bettering the hospitality of your business. And it will help us in the mission of democratizing travel by providing travelers with enriching experiences. 

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