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Our hostel is an oasis in São Paulo. Quiet, but at the same time in the most amazing neighbourhood: vila madalena, just a few steps away from the subway. You're gonna find culture every corner you turn: bars, clubs, restaurants and galeries. You'll get the feeling you're at your grandmas after partying all night.

Be part of our family <3. We love traveling, beers, cooking, going out, but most important we love people. And we're gonna love meeting you!


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The volunteering at Hostel Alice was a great experience, probably one of the best hostels for worldpackers in São Paulo. Renata and Denise are always looking for ways to aprimorate our job, we have feedbacks every week, and if you have some difficulties, both of them will totally be able to understand and help ourselves to get better. The vibe between the volunteers is like a real family. Furthermore, the place is cute and clean. There will always be a place in my heart for the people (the volunteers and guests!) that I have met there.

about 2 months ago


Inacreditavel , foi sensacional , um dos melhores lugares que estive , as donas Denise e Renata são fantasticas, tudo de bom , amei o hostel voltarei sempre que puder.

4 months ago

Renata replied



Definitely, Hostel Alice is on the best hostel in Sao Pualo, it´s located in the best neighborhood of the city, surrounded of a lot of bar and fun. The work is very simple and the owners are very friendly always taking care about your experience in the hostel. Literally your grandma´s house after the party :). It was my first experience like a worldpacker and now I´m looking for my next destination, I miss so much this country! if you want to go, don´t think about it! Renata, Denise thanks so much for the opportunity to be part of the Hostel Alice!

5 months ago

Costa Rica

Fue mi primera experiencia con Worldpackers y aprendí muchísimo! Renata, Denise y los voluntarios me recibieron muy bien. Me encantó ser parte del equipo y estoy muy agradecida por todo lo que aprendí, además todo lo que hay que hacer está muy bien organizado y te dan herramientas para poder hacer el trabajo aunque nunca antes hayas trabajado en la recepción.
Muchas Gracias Denise y Renata por todo lo que me dieron y permitirme ser parte del equipo de Hostel Alice!

5 months ago


It was my first experience like a worldpacker and it was amazing. The staff became family to me in less than 20 minutes after my arrival. The hostel owners (Renata and Denise) are incredibly friendly and helpful. I am leaving São Paulo, but a piece of my heart will stay over here. I am very grateful for the patience, care and knowledge acquired this month. I already miss everybody and this magical place.

5 months ago

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