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You are our Family :) We are Thai :) We are the group of Multi religious people :) Manage by Christian , Buddhism , Muslim and Hinduism Team :) What makes it awesome is the opportunity to help Thai children! Staying in the Thong Tos Foundation you will have the chance to know the Thai culture guided by adorable people. They will make you feel like home, introducing wonderful places and you're gonna feel totally comfortable in their country. Join us and your exchange will be based in helping!!! And the best part is: you're totally free, the volunteer program have no rules and if you are not a teacher you will learn how to do it in a very magic way. Surely it will be one of the most incredible experiences in your life. Written by Flavia The First Volunteer from Worldpackers Our Coach for training new volunteer :) PS : "Besides Bangkok, we also have 2-3 places that can provide Free Room for Volunteer but it in Karnchanaburi / Ayutthaya / Krabi / Trad and Kao Yai Area but you have to finished Bangkok Teaching job at least 2 weeks" PS : We are the team under " Stop Drink Project " so no allowance for drunk :)


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Initially I faced some problems with getting responses and confirmations however once I got there everything fell into place and I really enjoyed my time at the foundation. I was teaching in a nursery filled with absolutely lovely kids eager to learn and had no trouble whatsoever
The administration definitely needs better communication and organisation but overall I'm more than satisfied with my experience :)
Ms Dang is the person to look for once you get to Bangkok.

5 days ago


I had an amazing time teaching english in a budhist school! It was only 2 hours of teaching per day, and we had the weekends off. Lunch was included everyday we had classes and the food was very good. The children were between 5 and 12 years old, in some classes they had English books so it was easier to follow and to know their level. But in some classes, especially with the younger ones, it was harder to make them pay attention and we didn't had anything to follow. The host is super helpful but I wish they had put photos of the foundation before. It is a very simple place, but enought. :)

4 months ago


I had the best time of my life! Everything I lived there I'll remember for the rest of my life for sure! It was my first time teaching english, and I've learned a lot with the kids even if they didn't speak english very well, so it was a big challenge for me, but an incredible experience at the same time. The Foundation was okay, and the staff didn't use to go there, but it was fine because there was always someone there to help us. I really recommend it, and I really want to go back some day!

4 months ago


My experience in thong tos was amazing! It was my first time teaching, the kids didn't speak english very well, so it was a huge challenge. The foundation was ok and there was no staff to help us and explain everything, i was luck that there were more people there. I had an amazing time and i really recommend it!!!! i hope i can go back soon

4 months ago


This was an unique experience, I could learn with the kids while helping them to learn as well! I really want to go back!

4 months ago

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