Travelling for nearly 20 years on and off, I've still only seen 22% of the world! I'm greedy for more, and I'd love to share and learn from all of you.

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Reseñas de Anfitriones


Adam es un gran chico, con un gran corazón. Lo recomendamos totalmente, solo le falta mejorar un poco su español.



He was kind and fun! Loved the experience. Totally recommends him!



  • Proactividad
  • Responsabilidad
  • Compromiso
  • Sociabilidad

Reseñas sobre Anfitriones

Reino Unido

The hostel is an amazing building and the owner is a funny guy.

An intermediate/high level of Spanish is required, as my low-intermediate made life a little difficult at times.

The role is a mixed bag, as you'll be on your own and in charge during the shift running the reception with check-ins and outs, cleaning the building, handling deliveries and various duties during the weekend parties.

I struggled sleeping due to the constant buzz of the busy hostel life, so my experience wasn't absolutely golden. But I can categorically say that Mauro makes the best asado I've ever eaten.


Reino Unido

Easily two of the happiest weeks of my trip so far.

Sole wants the absolute best for her students, and to do that she allows you to work to your strengths. She gives excellent guidance and preparation with regards the students and their levels, but also the freedom to adapt the classes to your own interests and abilities.

As for the students, I loved every single class. Genuinely awesome people... every single one. I learnt so much about Bahia, Argentina and the Argentinean culture.

Such a happy experience, which I would recommend to anyone coming to Argentina.



  • Principiante: Portugués
  • Intermedio: Español
  • Fluído: Inglés


Algo de experiencia

  • Administración
  • Limpieza
  • Ayuda en Granjas Eco
  • Jardinería
  • Tareas Domésticas
  • Turno Nocturno
  • Pintura y Decoración
  • Fotografía
  • Recepción
  • Redes Sociales
  • Enseñar Idiomas
  • Guía Turístico
  • Producción de Videos

Quiero aprender

  • Cuidado de Mascotas
  • Artes
  • Mantenimiento
  • Trabajo Social



I studied and worked in Manchester, England. I've worked in a High School for 8 years, working with students with Special Needs.

Experiencia laboral

I've worked in a variety of industries, most recently in a High School.

I've also been a delivery driver, worked in a warehouse and produced videos and promotional photography for a major camera company.

Experiencia de viaje

I first started travelling nearly 20 years ago, and have lived in some amazing places. Nearly 2 years in South America (over 3 visits), spending a few months in the Pacific Islands, hitchhiking around Israel and climbing the highest mountains in The Alps.

My first travel book will be released shortly via Amazon Kindle.

I've seen a lot, but there's still SO MUCH more to see and experience.

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