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  • Edad: 33
  • Nacionalidad: Estados Unidos
  • Idiomas: Español y Inglés

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Experiencia en Chile

Hostel Puerto Varas, Chile Dec/2019

Fotografía, Producción de Videos, Promotor de Fiestas y Redes Sociales

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Reseña hecha por Andrea

I LOVE THIS HOSTEL! The staff and owner, Sirce, are absolutely incredible. My world packing experience was focused on working on the hostel's social media and update the website. Sirce gave me full flexibility to create my own schedule, which is perfect for this type of work and was super open to learning so that she can continue the work once I left. The vibe is the hostel is really great, they make you feel like family. <3 Puerto Varas is an awesome town to visit and would recommend this place to anyone.

Experiencia en Chile

Hostel San Pedro de Atacama, Chile Oct/2019

Turno Nocturno, Limpieza, Tareas Domésticas y Recepción

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Reseña hecha por Andrea

I would volunteer here with caution. It's not for everyone and you must learn to deal with the owner. I had little responsibilities besides sitting at the reception with the door open. Unfortunately, I had too much personality for the owner. He turned aggressive and made me feel like things where my fault or he never believed me. I tried to discuss things but found it difficult to talk about things with him. I ended up leaving early for my safety. Later I found a number of worrying reviews about him that I wish I knew before. Read on other platforms about this place and then make a decision.

Experiencia en Chile

Hostel Valparaíso, Chile Aug/2019

Recepción, Tareas Domésticas y Limpieza

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Alandrea es genial, siempre preocupada del lugar y sobre todo de crear un ambiente para que las personas se sientas a gusto. Es un lujo contar con personas así en tu equipo. Agradezco toda la ayuda que nos presto en Escarabajo Hostel. Y sin duda, esta siempre sera su casa!

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  • Socialización
  • Proactividad
  • Compromiso

Reseña hecha por Andrea

Had a great time at this hostel! The shifts are straightforward and simple to complete. The best thing was having 3 days off so that you explore Valpo and even escape to Santiago if you wanted to. The hostel is in a great location and you get to know the neighbors quick which is nice because everyone is really friendly. Would love to come back!

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Hi, I'm Andrea, a Gemini from 1987. I've been traveling ever since I can remember, been living abroad for 9 years, and been working and traveling for almost a year! I've spent most of my time in Chile and now that I'm nomadic, I plan to continue to discover more of South America. Worldpackers has been a great platform for the way I travel and I'd love to help you do the same.


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Born and raised in the USA, I completed my B.A. In Communications at the University of Central Florida and I also have a Master's Degree in Marketing from the University of Chile

Experiencia laboral

I have over 10 years experience in marketing, event planning, program creation, content management. I'm currently working freelance as a content specialist. I also run a travel blog dedicated to travel in Chile

Experiencia de viaje

I've been traveling since I was born. It's a fundamental part of who I am. This past year I've traveled to 9 different countries