I am a young Austrian traveller that loves to journey to new places all around the globe and let them inspire me in new and exciting ways. Equipped with my camera and my Ukulele is how I like to travel and experience the world surrounding me.

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Christian is a very humble and patient guy.
He was really committed to his volunteer duties.
He helped writing books and raised funds to buy desks to improve the learning conditions of the kids at school.
He did a lot than what we expected. For sure he is a very nice person to work with.
He is greatly incredible.
He endure various type of environment.
I recommend him to those who wish to work with committed volunteers.



  • Proactividad
  • Responsabilidad
  • Compromiso
  • Sociabilidad

Reseñas sobre Anfitriones


I have been at this project for 2 1/2 month and altough you may think that now I know this place in and out, there were still new things to discover. Be it a new place in Kisesa or a new kid you somehow didn't notice before.
Coming to the children - they are truly amazing. Each and everyone of them is different and it is something else to see them live their lifes in such a young age. In these 2 1/2 months alone I saw them change and even grow up a little bit.
Not less amazing is the founder of the school, William. He is such a kind guy and a true visionary in all kinds of places.



  • Intermedio: Francés
  • Principiante: Swahili
  • Fluído: Inglés y Alemán


¡Soy un experto!

  • Fotografía

Algo de experiencia

  • Administración
  • Cuidado de Niños
  • Limpieza
  • Cocina
  • Tareas Domésticas
  • Música
  • Redes Sociales
  • Trabajo Social
  • Enseñar Idiomas

Quiero aprender

  • Cuidado de Mascotas
  • Bartending
  • Ayuda en Granjas Eco
  • Jardinería
  • Mantenimiento
  • Mano de Cocina
  • Turno Nocturno
  • Pintura y Decoración
  • Recepción
  • Guía Turístico
  • Producción de Videos



2010-2018: AGI (=Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck) Grammar School
2006-2010: Kindergarden

Experiencia laboral

2018: Driving with the Vinzibus, which hands out food to homeless
2017: One week working at an institution which helps mentall ill People
at START Pro Mente
2016 & 2017: Participating at the YPAC (=Youth Parliament of the Alpine Convention)
2016, 2017 & 2018: One week each year plus preparation for a holiday program
offered for children
2015: Two week long Internship at a tax accountant office

Experiencia de viaje

2018 for three months in Tanzania - Mwanza - Kisesa: Sawil Pax Upendo Academy

Vacation wise I came around the world quite a bit, may it be in Europe, North America or Asia

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