• Edad: 29
  • Nacionalidad: Chile
  • Idiomas: Italiano, Francés, Inglés y Español

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Experiencia en Bélgica

Hostel Antwerp, Bélgica Jun/2019

Limpieza, Tareas Domésticas, Recepción y Bartending

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Experiencia en Alemania

Hostel Dresden, Alemania Apr/2019

Guía Turístico y Promotor de Fiestas

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

It was a wonderful time with Constanza. She is a great person. always willing to help and has a lot of ideas and individual ideas. We miss her already and hope she returns soon :)

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Reseña hecha por Constanza

It was exactly what I was looking for! A peaceful place with lot of friend recepcionists, tasks very easy, game night on Tuesday (my favorite days). Martin is such a nice person, I recommend everyone to go to this place and take a look into the Neustadt lifestyle :) hope to see you again, all of you guys <3

Experiencia en Italia

Hostel Rome, Italia Mar/2019


Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

During this time she showed good attitude toward her colleagues and delivered excellent service to our customers. She is a reliable person and honest at work. She is open minded person with flexibility to solve customers complaints. She showed fast adaptability to our fast paced atmosphere, and passion for hospitality and professional in providing the best experience to our customers

Reseña hecha por Constanza

If you want to party this is the perfect place! many volunteers arriving every week or two weeks. There are two supervisors, Joao is a really nice person and is quite flexible, and I think Monica should be more kind with the volunteers, because personally I didn't feel good vibes from her with some of us, which doesn't make it comfortable working with her sometimes. Personally I think the Yellow credits are fine, it was enough for me for the month, adding that not all the hostels give you money to eat. I recommend this place for a new crazy experience!

Johana respondió

Constanza, we appreciate your review. We hope you had a great time with us and take these experiences and friendships with you everywhere you go. We loved having you apart of The Yellow Square Family. Hope you come visit us again!


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Sobre mí como autor

My name is Constanza, I'm 27 years old and I am Chilean. I love to travel like most of us here, I'd say I'm not afraid of adventures and unplanned things. My dilemma is that we only live once! I am available to answer to anyone who has doubts, and even if you need inspiration or help :)

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