Early 2019 I decided that I hated working 60 days a week and wanted to contribute to the world and live a life that I loved instead. By July 2019 I had sold up everything I owned with a one way ticket to India and a Worldpackers membership. Now I am a digital nomad, living a life that I could not have even imagined possible because it is so far from what I thought I knew. I am travelling to different countries, contributing to communities, doing what I love every day and inspiring other people to do the same.

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Ayla is a very talented painter and a wonderful person to work with. She is very dedicated to her work and loves to bring in her ideas to her work. I would love to work with her again.


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Ayla was absolutely fantastic and her enthusiasm in the hostel added to the vibe of the place.Was helpful with all sorts of work dealing with front desk,activity curation and maintenance , she did some really beautiful wall art as well.Overall she was great to work and looking forward to hosting again!!


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  • Responsabilidad
  • Compromiso
  • Sociabilidad
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I honestly had the best time at Cliff and Coral.
The owners Kishmita and Nikhil are the best! They were so positive, supportive and fun.
I got a lot out of my time there, got to express my creativity and best of all, made some beautiful friends for life ❤️❤️



I had so much fun at short giraffe. The team and other volunteers were great to work with.
I met some incredible people who I will be staying in touch with for many years to come. ❤️❤️



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I have been working in real estate for a number of years. Currently working in high end luxury buildings managing their business, legal and financial affairs.

Experiencia laboral

I have worked in real estate for a number of years and previously owned and operated a cleaning business.
I also currently volunteer at a soup kitchen providing assistance to the disadvantaged locals.

Experiencia de viaje

I started travelling every 6 months to a new country while I was still working, however decided to quit my job and travel indefinitely. I am a retired corporate sell out at the age of 26 and am off to see how I can help and contribute to this world whilst living my best life.

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