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Hi, it's Mariana from Mexico, I've been traveling all over the world for half a year now, I decided to quit my job as a technical support engineer and to put on hold my veterinary medicine career to travel, I knew I could learn more things while traveling than just being at a classroom or at my office, NO REGRETS, remember, MATERIAL THINGS CAN COME BACK BUT TIME DOESN'T! Being successful for people before was the person that had more money or more houses or cars, but for me is the person that has the most experiences and the people that do what they love. I've visited 6 countries Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Argentina in this trip only. I am currently in Argentina, I just got a new job here as a technical support engineer while I travel with the money I earn, I am planning to see some countries in South america before heading back to my country, don't hesitate in contacting me , I'd love to help in any way to help you achieve your goals!

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