• Edad: 23
  • Nacionalidad: Italia
  • Idiomas: Italiano y Inglés

Experiencias de Voluntariado

Experiencia en Portugal

Hostel Colares, Portugal Apr/2019

Jardinería, Limpieza y Tareas Domésticas

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Only good things to say about Vittorio! Calm guy always with a smile on his face and some good vibes to share! Always showed on time, and he's very responsible with his tasks. I completely recommend him to my fellow hosts and we miss him here already! Wish him all the best in his new adventures! *

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Reseña hecha por Vittorio

This experience in the apples BBC hostel it was great ,though in praia das Maças in the time of the year that I've been there it was low season so there aren't too many people, anyway it was an amazing experience because it is close to sintra and Lisbon so I used to visit those awesome place besides the ocean and the incelredible natural place. I learning a lot about Portuguese culture, the place it is beutiful and the meal in the restaurant of the father of Luçia it is amazing with typical dishes. I'm really thankful with Luçia her brother and her father too.

Experiencia en Holanda

Hostel Amsterdam, Holanda Oct/2018

Promotor de Fiestas, Tareas Domésticas y Limpieza

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Gotta love Vittorio! Great guy to have in the team who gets along with everyone and on top of that a great worker. Thanks again Vito (Flaco) and we hope to see you again soon!

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Reseña hecha por Vittorio

Working at the hostel was one of the best experience in my life, is like working in a family everyone help each other and you feel like home, i met people that become friends and that right now I'm really closed. I'm very thankful with Slaven and Tom , the two manager of the hostel, for this opportunity and also with all the other guys that have worked with me wapers and also stuff. thank you again and I hope to come back for a greeting.

i'm 20 years old guy from italy, that getted bored to stay in one place for long time, so i traveled a little bit. i traveled all italy with hitch-hiking, and then i went to amsterdam, and lisbon, but i'd like to keep travel, covid permetting.

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I'm graduated at Liceo scientifico N.Tron