• Edad: 27
  • Nacionalidad: Argentina
  • Idiomas: Italiano, Portugués, Inglés y Español

Experiencias de Voluntariado

Experiencia en Tailandia

Hostel Surat Thani, Tailandia Jan/2018

Administración y Recepción

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Really lovely, very helpful and great with the guests :) welcome back anytime.

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Reseña hecha por Abril

There are not enough words to express how much fun I had in this place! The hostel is beautiful, the staff is super friendly and they helped me everytime in order to make my stay wonderful. I really enjoyed working at the the hostel bar as well as the Outback bar (I love that place), actually, i enjoyed it so much that I extended my stay another month. Thank you Charlene, Dave, and the whole staff, this one has been by far the best worldpacker s experience i had so far. Lots of love! See you soon ❤

Experiencia en España

ONG Barcelona, España Nov/2017


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Reseña hecha por Abril

The organization was definitely a challenging experienced. I learn a lot about myself and enjoyed my crew sooo much. Jean, the owner, is a very special person, i learn from him and so, i thing he learns from the volunteers. Only apply if you really want to learn and expose yourself to different circumstances that you may not be facing in other projects,(such as hostel volunteering) also if you really fulfill the requirements for the position, if not you may be having some extra difficulties and it wont be fair for anyone. Hope the project keeps growing strong! Regards, Abril.

Experiencia en Brasil

Hostel Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Nov/2016

Administración, Promotor de Fiestas y Recepción

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Abril is a 5 stars Worldpacker. She is fun, sociable, commited and smart. She learns things fast and speaks spanish, english and portuguese. She is already missed at Pura Vida Hostel. We strongly recommend her to any host that wants someone that brings a good atmosphere to your place.

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  • Responsabilidad
  • Socialización
  • Proactividad

Reseña hecha por Abril

The hostel was my first experience as a worldpacker and it was just beyond great. From the start they made me a part of their family. I've got plenty of good memories from this place and I am more than thankful with Felipe, Dalton, the guys from reception and the whole staff. The tasks were easy and i had lot of time to get to know the place and the favela culture.(mindblowing btw) I totally recommend it. Thanks to you, once more, and the hostel!

Hi! I'm 22 and I discovered Worldpackers when I was 18, haven't stopped using it since then. I've been traveling for a nice amount of time around Argentina, Brazil, Israel, England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Andorra, France, Germany, Austria and Thailand! quieted many jobs, and have many anxiety episodes on the way among a lot of things. Still standing strong ready to help!

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  • Portugués
  • Inglés
  • Español
  • Italiano


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I'm currently studying advertising in Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios, which is one of the most recognized institution of advertising in Argentina, which is also, one of the most recognized countries for its creativity :)
I also study bartending at Centro Internacional of Coctelería.

Experiencia laboral

I have worked for two years and a half at Accenture for Microsoft. I spent a year and a half as a collector analyst for Microsoft Phone. And i'm working now as financial analyst for Microsoft Corporation at the Finance and Accounting department where I was primarily responsible for researching, collecting and analyzing financial information (including balance sheet, income statement and cash flows) to give accurate assessments of an organization’s economic performance. I have comprehensive knowledge of financial analysis techniques, and extensive knowledge of annual reviews, advising clients, and validating the integrity of data use.

I have also worked in a travel agency, Soul Max, as travel planner for fifteen years old girls who travel to Disney and Miami.

Experiencia de viaje

I used to go with my mother and her drama company to Uruguay since I was born until i was five or six years old. Then every summer holiday we used to go to Florianopolis, Brazil. When i was fifteen i went to US, it was an unforgettable trip, were I learn how good is to make friends outside of our comfort zone, how much can we learn from ourselves, how the experience will remain. It was the one that made me realize that I wouldn't want to stop traveling never.
From Argentina had the pleasure to travel to our north, Tucumán, Jujuy and Tucuman and Neuquén, Rió Negro and Chubut, which are states from south.
These were the first trips I made by myself as a backpacker. Once again, I've got to know amazing people and beautiful places(also learnt how to place a tent, wooho!)
Right now I'm looking forward my next live changing-never.forget.-amazingly surprising trip, which will be to Brazil. I will start in Rio de Janeiro, going until Natal.
Wish me luck!