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Financial planning for travel: how to budget, save, and manage your expenses

After traveling for over a year, I developed the ideal financial plan for any kind of trip. Discover how much money you need to travel, how to save it, and how to make the most of your money on the road! Enjoy, and start putting everything into practice now!

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Rafael Dallacqua

Viaje com Intensidade

Autor da págna Viaje com Intensidade no Instagram, Rafael abandonou a vida de mercado financeiro para se aventurar pelo mundo, hoje viajar é seu estilo de vida. Viajou sozinho, de forma independente, baixo custo e buscando uma imersão cultural, durante 2 anos por 35 países em 4 continentes, e mostra que o segredo é um bom planejamento.

What will you learn?

  • The different kinds of travel profiles, and how to plan financially according to yours
  • How to put together an initial plan and budget your travel expenses starting there
  • The best time to start planning
  • How much money you need to travel
  • How to save the money you need for your trip
  • How to safeguard and transfer your money
  • How to manage your travel expenses

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The travel mindset


The travel plan


How much money do I need to travel?


How do I save money for a trip?


How to safeguard and transfer your money


How to manage your expenses during a trip


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Uhti Akmaliyah Indonesia


hace 3 meses


Fernanda United Kingdom

I used to travel 10 years ago and all what is shown on the course, I already knew but was forgotten in my memory! It brushed off my budget skills and gave me confidence to go back on the road! Thanks!

hace 7 meses


Nicole United Kingdom

I loved all the systems that were suggested in the course and materials that were suggested to use to control the budget

hace 8 meses


Ryan United States

So much valuable information in these videos! A must watch for everyone looking to fully uprise world packers

hace 8 meses


Ely France

Thanks to this course I was able to better prepare for my trips and I feel much more confident and empowered to start the worldpacker adventure.

hace 10 meses

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