Toms Jurjaks

How to travel and work as a photographer

Turn your passion for traveling into a lifestyle and open new doors professionally through photography. Learn through practice how to work as a photographer and create unique opportunities for yourself!

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Toms Jurjaks

A passionate travel photographer with over 10 years of experience in capturing this world in pictures and videos. Photos taken in more than 40 countries around the globe. Always improving my professional skills and sharing knowledge with others.

What you'll learn on this photography course:

  • Composition of a photo and all camera settings to take photos like a professional
  • The best cameras, lenses and types of equipment to get started as a photographer 
  • How to take professional photos using only your phone
  • Photography editing in Lightroom

  • How to earn money as a photographer

  • My usual process for photographing in a real scenario 

10 clases • 1h30min

How to travel and work as a photographer - Intro

  • 4min


  • 10min

Camera settings

  • 7min

Best cameras to get started

  • 6min

Best lenses: prime lenses and zoom lenses

  • 7min

Best accessories for photographers

  • 3min

Mobile photography

  • 4min

Photography tour in Copenhagen

  • 18min

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Jessica Germany

It was very helpful, I appreciate it
Thank you so much :)

hace 2 meses


Wendell United States

Watching these tutorials it went over the basics of everything that I wish I knew when I first began photography. Great informative videos

hace 5 meses


Gabriel Uruguay

le puede servir mucho

hace 6 meses


CJ United Kingdom

Absolutely love, this course, even though I do photography was great to go back to basics and you can always learn new things from other photographers.

Great communication, great view point and really easy to understand :)

hace 6 meses


Alkisti Greece

I highly recommend this course! It touches upon every aspect of photography: image capturing, editing, and photo monetizing. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Toms wandering in Copenhagen, and how he capitalized on his photographic tour to showcase his exemplary work!

hace 6 meses


Tristan Canada

Great course covered a wide variety of topics in the field of photography. I thought the lesson where he actually went out and did a shoot in Copenhagen was very informative

hace 9 meses

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