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  • Edad: 30
  • Nacionalidad: Brasil
  • Idiomas: Portugués, Italiano y Inglés

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Experiencia en Reino Unido

Estadía en casa Shropshire, Reino Unido Nov/2020

Cuidado de Mascotas

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Reseña hecha por Andrea

My experience with Terri and her family was fantastic! It was a pleasure to be part of the family and enjoy the contact with the horses, cats, and dogs. The host always makes sure to tell you the reason behind the tasks you and I learned A LOT about horses! The tasks are manual but I did not feel like they were excessive. It was actually a nice break from working in front of the computer all day! If you love being around animals, don't mind manual tasks, want to get immersed in life in England, and even learn some English, this experience is for you!

Experiencia en Albania

Hostel Sarandë, Albania Oct/2020

Desarrollador Web

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

very reliable and independent. able to work with open hours. difficult to say more. Thank you!

Reseña hecha por Andrea

The host is very engaged with the environmental cause so I learned a lot about gardening, reducing and repurposing waste, and the local community. We even rescued puppies during my stay! If you come here you can expect varied tasks as the host likes it when everyone does a bit of everything. You shouldn't expect a very rigid shift schedule which I truly appreciated as I ended up starting a new job mid-experience and the host was very flexible and acommodating. But if you like rigid schedules with set days off and being constantly told what to do, you might struggle a bit.

Experiencia en Serbia

Hostel Belgrade, Serbia Jul/2020

Recepción, Limpieza, Turno Nocturno y Tareas Domésticas

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

This young lady is simply amazing. Responsible, committed, reliable and kind. She met all expectations and proved to be a volunteer everyone could only wish in the team! :)

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Reseña hecha por Andrea

Volunteering at El Diablo is like becoming part of a family. I felt at home the whole time I was there and really felt like looking after the place and contributing. The hours and tasks are fair. Be responsible, do your tasks properly and you'll feel the generosity of Nikola, Dragan and Julia. Tomma could improve his communication skills and stop biting and scratching us but he's learning fast. That's all.

Dragan respondió

Sense of humour, sass and coolness is what we are, and what we enjoyed with you! THANKS!!! :)

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Completó el curso: “Comunicación no violenta: resolviendo conflictos y lidiando con los desafíos”, en el cual aprendió a resolver situaciones desafiantes a través de una comunicación saludable y empática.


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Hi! My name is Andrea and I'm a digital nomad living everywhere and anywhere. I'm originally from Brazil and I moved to England 7 years ago. One day, I went to work and found out I was no longer needed. My visa was cancelled and I had to leave the country I'd chosen as my own. However, I believe that with every moment of difficulty comes an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. I found an online job and started making a bit of money. I then found the amazing platform that is Worldpackers which has been helping me not only to keep my lifestyle cheaper but also to develop new skills and learn new things about life in general. I've been on the road for a few months and I have no plans, routes or end dates!

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  • Italiano


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I moved to the UK from Brazil at the age of 21 to study Public Relations at the University of Westminster. I graduated in July 15.

Experiencia laboral

At university, I worked for several Music and Entertainment PR Agencies and record labels. After graduating, I ended up working with consumer behaviour analysis for a cosmetics company in the UK. After my time in the UK came to an end, I started Worldpacking in hostels around the world and creating content for Instagram. I also work online as a proofreader, translator and have my own English teaching business.

Experiencia de viaje

I love to travel but I enjoy it mostly when I can live like a local and experience the culture. I am not into those "1 day in each country" type of trips and I prefer to take my time to explore the country and stay off the beaten track of tourists.