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At TWOPLUSTWO we like surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who want to share and make the world a better place.

Here it is a perfect environment for your self-development, still in a cozy and safe place

Our team members come from different and various backgrounds in life, we like to keep things informal and having fun while working. We expect the volunteer to work WITH us on a PEER level and, most of everything, have a good time here with the rest of the crew.

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I had an amazing time during my stay. We stayed at Ilaria's place where we helped a bit with reorganizing Macadam (The theater place) and cleaning it up for upcoming season. Because there was not much to do at the time I explored the city with the other volunteers. You have the chance to either stay with Roberto or Ilaria during your experience where depening where you stay you have different tasks. Ilaria was the best and constantly made sure we had everything we needed. She is very fun. Napels is a chaotic and really fun city where there is so much to explore. Thank you Roberto and Ilaria!

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Roberto respondido

Hallo Ceylan, we have a created a total different profile for Ilaria's place, with different goals, tasks, hours and level of commitment. Since I started the new position at Ilaria's, I realized as soon the gap, so you're totally right!

Bedankt voor je verk en tot ziens!


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I enjoyed my stay! Ilaria is a great, high spirited host. The apartment is very nice with a terrace that looks up at Mt. Vesuvius. Everyone is so nice here.

As far as work, there was not a whole lot while I was here, but that could just be because of when I arrived. The work varies as the host team does a lot of different projects.

As far as food, I’d say that you do the majority of meals are not included, even breakfast. The other travelers I was with and myself bough groceries and cooked meals together in the kitchen. Turned out to be a great experience.

hace 4 días



Roberto, Sofía and Ilaria are really nice people. Napoli is so chaotic and a beautiful city. So much to do! I was there recently and met with Kristina (so nice), I agree with her, it gave me the whole solo traveling experience! Thanks :)

hace 30 días

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This was a good first experience! a bit chaotic as I was my hosts first worldpacker as well but because of this I had a very flexible schedule to explore the city! Ilaria and her friends were fun and gave me a complete immersion of living in Napoli!! If i have one bit of advice is to change the pictures used for this application, as it gives off the idea that this is a group volunteer experience when in reality I spent the first 3 days as the only volunteer and after that only one other volunteer showed up but it gave me the solo travel experience and ability to navigate a city by myself:)

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The team, Roberto, Sofia and Ilaria are incredibly helpful and nice people. Thanks to them I felt at home in Naples. 10/10

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