22 West

At the time of writing this (8/9/2018) we have seven raccoons, a river otter, a Blue Heron, an Osprey, and one duckling onsite. Spring and summer months can be very busy and it's not rare to get many birds of prey such as Red Tailed Hawks, Swainson Hawks, Peregrine/Prairie Falcons, and Golden Eagles. It is rewarding work to aid in returning these beautiful creatures back into the wild. UPDATE 12/20/2018: Wildlife rehab slows down considerably in the winter months; we rarely have any animals during this time, however it's not impossible that we do. The guests we have at our cabins come from all over the world, and being able to share the experience of remote living in a beautiful place is very rewarding in it's own right.

We are a family of three going in to our third year of our cabin rental business (22 West) and the workload is a little much for us at times. Our 45 acre property is tucked up against the west side of North Park, bordering the Routt National Forest. In order for us to focus on our other projects instead of just keeping the wheels greased so-to-speak, we are looking for up to two people to stay with us to help with the cabin upkeep and supply in between our guest's stay.

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